Write anything meaningful from these words

Incantations, Ethiopia, congenial *** At the Ethiopian Airline crash scene, the elders from the surrounding community were muttering incantations as their way of mourning the dead. It was scary, and not a congenial place to be.

Write anything meaningful from these words

Unencumbered, Punjab, young and comely *** The Shah was a congenial fellow, and he drank with me like a Christian, and he was a knowledgeable conversationalist when he was unencumbered of his wife. He told me a brief history of Punjab, and its beautiful women. He was also a funny man because at that moment, … Continue reading Write anything meaningful from these words

Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

Sometimes I wonder why any government would want to keep the fact that its own people are dying of hunger a secret! Why would a government elected by the people to protect and safeguard their interests do that? We have glaring facts that children, women and the elderly are dying of hunger in remote villages … Continue reading Hunger in Turkana: No deaths?

Write anything meaningful from these words

Sinews, fecundities, more tender than the tail of a fat-tailed sheep *** After the long ride, my muscles and joints and sinews were stiff and I felt pain all over my body. I didn't even feel like listening anymore to the fecundities of our host. They send a girl to my room. She wasn't beautiful … Continue reading Write anything meaningful from these words


It's six on a Saturday morning, the weather so chilly and the sun is yet to rise, Bend in the freezing cold water of R. Sio, is a well-built young man with sad face, He's industriously scooping sand from the riverbed and spewing it the riverbank, his tattered old shirt already drenched in sweat, Sand-harvesting … Continue reading Cheku