This book from Tupac days

So this fine evening I am sitting here in my sister’s shop trying to remember this song that was playing in my head earlier in the day as I was coming from my brother’s place in Kayole, when in comes this customer.

“Huyo ni Coolio? Gangsters Paradise!” I heard him, just realising myself that my phone which I had connected to a speaker safely hidden under the counter, was playing.

The man who was like 6ft, slightly taller than me went on giving me this long lecture about Coolio and a long list of other artists of his time. “Good old days”. Not that I cared, for all I cared, wanted him to buy whatever good he came for and be gone so I can get on with you writing that verse before I completely forget it. If you have ever written a song then you already know what I am talking about. A song can just float in your head like an idea. To me this usually happens when I am having  a walk. Alone. I have to write it down as soon as possible or it will float away just like it floated in to wherever.

So all I wanted was for him to be gone! But I couldn’t get rid of the man that fast and further more if I did such a thing my sister will be furious. So I listened, more so because it was about music. Old school. And you know me by now, I will stop everything for music. We start having this debate with him about which is better, new or old school music. Of course I am the soldier behind new school. With Kendrick Lamar as one of my proud examples.

The man tells me about this old book of his from somewhere 1992 when he was in form two in highschool. When  Tupac was just getting started. It was all about newspaper cuttings of celebrities of the time, lyrics and many more other stuff I couldn’t make head or tail of.

So I was just nodding my head like I feel whatever my brother was talking about. The way he was talking about the book, was touching. He looked emotional. So I requested to see the book if he didn’t mind, especially when he mentioned Tupac, Notorious B.I.G and N.W.A. He agreed to get me the book from wherever he had it hidden. In a flash my new found music buddy was gone.

He reappeared like half an hour later holding a small, old exercise book with brown pages that he held as if it was the 10 commandments’ tablet. Later on I will tell you about the contents of the “great” old school book. Just hold on

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