Sunday on Family TV

Crazy day! But ended well with me writing this piece. Or should I say experience. Share it with you, you my faceless friends.

Just like any other typical Nairobian youth, woke up and the first thing I did was reached for my phone which I usually share bed with. Don’t tell me it’s not advisable because I already know, but still do it. I went direct to WhatsApp to check out the messages. The first one I clicked on was this group called “Crazy and Funny Friends” that I am a member and one of the messages was a short emotional  video posted by this guy whose name I don’t even remember.

The video itself was of clips and texts against them of people being saved and pulled from difficult situations by Jesus without them knowing, with an accompanying somehow sad song. Like there  was this clip of a man taking a fix but instead of injecting his arm, he was injecting Jesus’ instead. There was also this clip of a well dressed  man sitting on stairs with a black briefcase beside him, who certainly looked  troubled.He was holding his head in his hands and the words against the clip read, “God will take care of your worries that no one even knows they are there”.

At the end of that clip I was propelled to pray. Not that I don’t usually pray when I wake up, but It’s like I suddenly felt this guilt of not thanking Him enough for  the uncountable things He’s done in my life. The many times He has protected and provided for me that I will never know.

For a period of about fifteen minutes I talked to God in a way I’ve never done before. I know by now some of you are already curious to know what I told the Big G. I Won’t but if you must know, it was something to do with my fears, my pains and did mention love too. By the time I said Amen, my eyes were wet. Damn!

Since I had no plans of going to church, I turned on the TV and instead of going through the channels like I’m used to doing in search of my favorite Channels like KISS TV, I tuned on Family TV instead.

There was an ongoing mass in this large hall with a white preacher on the pulpit. It was a certain ministry located in California, USA. I found myself watching not because of anything else but because of what the preacher was talking about.

“Focus on your character, God will focus on your calling”. This was the topic as I heard. I kept listening to the man of God as he went through many different life and bible examples. In summary it was about the little things we can do as individuals to have a positive impact on people’s lives. He said that some of the things that leave great marks in people’s hearts are those little things we do everyday that go unnoticed.

He said some of us throw tantrums like little kids or lose interest when we do something and no one seems to appreciate. He mentioned Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa as some of the individuals whose deeds are still remembered today. since it was preachings, I won’t be forgiven for forgetting to mention the book he read from. He said Mark 10. Just like that. You happen to have a real Bible or those android Bible apps, check it up. Also he gave example of Jesus who did many great miracles that He never took credit for. Tenda wema nenda zako. God will reward you

Later on after that service as I stood up to go and brush my teeth and do some justice to my grumbling tummy, came up another different ministry with a preacher calling himself something Joel Osteen.

His topic was, “God already went forth ahead of you”. Summarily he said that whatever situation we are in at the moment, God was aware and had already gone ahead and planned of it. He gave an example of this newly married young couple who were moving out of their  apartment to a new home and they were carrying a mattress. They took an elevator but midway it stopped. They panicked, called on the front desk or something but nothing. After some minutes the elevator started working again so they went down but as they were living the building, something caught their attention.

Up on the balcony of the  3rd floor of the building, was a young boy balancing himself on the balcony rails. They tried to call on the kid to get down in vain so they instinctively placed their mattress down at a position directly under the balcony. Barely had they placed it down than the kid came crashing down. But thanks to the mattress, he survived the fall.

It was God. How else can you explain the whole scenario! The elevator stopping and delaying the couple, who just happened to have a life-saving mattress, so they get out of the building just when the kid was getting on the balcony rails. Too much of a coincidence don’t you think. Read somewhere that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

The preacher gave many other moving examples including that of Jonah. Saying even when we go against God’s instructions He might punish us but still save us. As long as you are alive, God has a plan for you.

That was my Sunday. Spend the rest of it watching Covert Affairs. I’m gone for now. Still have this ugly memories about my ex girlfriend that I need to take to Lang’ata cemetery. Keeps popping up when least expected and I hate it. Next I will tell you about her. Maybe. God willing. Hahaha…

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