Moment of Silence for fallen friends  

It’s just another day. Spend most of it trying to figure out how to get money for this field trip somewhere in Machakos County. Had arranged with someone special. According to her it’s a picnic. There’s this special hill she wanted to show me and I agreed. She’s a sweet girl and persuasive, a kind so hard to say no to. Then came the sad news. It was yesterday about half past five and I had just entered my sister’s shop, and was barely seated when she started.

“You remember Caro, that brown girl you used to joke with a lot, who used to supply us with the Festive bread?” She didn’t have to go any further. I remembered even though it had been a while since last seeing her.

“Can you imagine she’s dead. Buried last week.” She continued. I was shocked but I didn’t wanna show it.

“That’s sad. So who has told you?” I asked after remarking indifferently.

She said it was Joyce the woman who took over Caro’s “tenders” and now the sole supplier to my sister’s and other shops around the area. The last time I had heard from the lady was early last year and she was having some health issues with her legs but wasn’t that  serious according to her. I had lost track of her since then and you all know Nairobi life. You meet people today, tomorrow you never hear from them again. But that doesn’t stop us from caring and feeling awful when we lose them.

She was beautiful, nice teeth and a contagious smile. She had asked me out quite a number of times but honestly, still don’t understand why I never accepted any of them. Maybe I was too busy, I don’t know. All in all, may her soul rest in peace.

A moment of silence for my fallen friend.

I know we’ve all lost people we cared about. That’s just life, we can’t change it. All we can do is hold on to our best memories of them. I personally lost my sister and best friend back in 2015. She had just finished her final year and waiting to graduate in the University of Nairobi. Hurt so much but eventually we moved on. Not to mean that I forgot about her just because she’s gone. I have lots of beautiful memories of her, like she’s the one who eventually made me test mutura that I had sworn never to eat, and maybe it was the first and last. Crazy, right? Rest in peace dear sister.

A moment of silence for  my fallen sister.

It won’t be fair if I finish this article without mentioning some of my fallen friends too like Godrick Odalla and Okwara from back in highschool. We have my homie Johnny too from back in Nambale Urban Primary school, who we tragically lost together with his elder brother Victor and another buddy on the same day back in 2008. Years have gone by but it’s still painful. Rest in peace brother until we meet again, just know I got you. And the many others that I won’t mention.

A moment of silence to the above named.

I can’t name everyone but you can help me. I know you got your own beautiful people who you will give anything to see again. You can just put their names in the comments and we will together forever treasure their memories.


A moment of silence for the lost friends.

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