Chasing My Dreams 


Today I woke up and decided to visit Kaka Empire. Took a mathree to town at Pipeline and somewhere along Jogoo road, decided I Will instead go to Pacho.

Since I’ve never been to the place before, just heard rumors, dished out my cheap Tecno phone and went straight to Google Map. P-a-c-h-o  S-t-u-d-i-o, search and there it was. Pacho Entertainment Studios. Located somewhere along Lang’ata Road. So I got to town and decided to flex my muscles. I walked all the way, “panya-routing” through Upper Hill, dropping on Ole Sangale Road and there I was.

Got to the place eventually but since I wasn’t sure which building hosted the office I was looking for, I asked a guy at the car wash. He was nice. Directed me to the door and left me explaining myself to this lady “soldier”, who appeared rude. Maybe it’s just my opinion but in some sort of way, she made me uneasy.

I know by now you are wondering what I was doing there. I was chasing my dreams, all you need to know.


You see life has to much to offer. This I just realized the other day. Too many options. God is in control. I have this beautiful God-given talent that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to see it become a reality. I want to have options and one day I want my kids to have options too. Options I never had or never even realized they existed while growing up

One day God willing, I want to have that Phd in anything computer related, I want my music to be on the charts and bow down with one or two inspirational books. Those are the options I’m talking of. Not just for the money. True, money too is good especially if it can give me a house somewhere in Karen or Runda and a fast car to go with. If it can make me deliver that promise I made to mama too, I’m okay. But before money, I want to do what I love. Bring out the best, not just in me but in everyone I interact with. Something like, “get rich selling hope to the hopeless”.

If you grew up where some of us grew up, you know what I’m talking about. You how it feels to be raised by a single mum because dad ran away. Shunned you. You know how it feels like to wake up wondering where your next meal will come from. And above all, you know how it feels like to have a dream.

I’m going out there to chase my dreams, so should you. I don’t want to wake up one day when it’s already too late and hate on myself for not doing something. For not trying hard enough.


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