I want to be single one more day(Continues)

Last time I remember introducing you guys to Kiki (Not her real name), my ex-girlfriend. I did not use her real name for the obvious reasons and if you wondering why I chose Kiki of all the names in the world, don’t worry I will tell you.

Kiki is the name of my childhood crush. A girl I liked so much but never had the courage to tell her how I felt. She was very beautiful and too sophisticated for me, at least what I used to think back then. I remember there was this day that I had a chance of talking to her but unfortunately I blew it because I was too scared.

It was during the April rains at the River Sio bridge which connects my village to Nambale Town, where the river had swollen and drowned a bamarachi man. Local divers were at the scene trying to retrieve the poor man’s body and this had attracted a huge crowd on both sides of the bridge. A market had been quickly established by entrepreneurs and those who could not get their goods to the Town.

Foodstuffs of all kinds was being sold; grains like maize, sorghum, millet; fruits like banana, mangoes, jackfruit, sugarcane( Though very few people cared to buy….plantations everywhere), etcetera. And even livestock was on display. Talk of seizing business opportunities.

So I was there too with my homies, watching and taking in everything, and there she was, some few metres from where we stood with her girlfriends. One of the girls saw us and I saw her tap Kiki who in turn looked behind and our eyes met. For a moment we stared at each other and I swear she too was feeling something. She looked away and joined the others in whatever they were chatting about as I directed my focus on something else.

After sometime I felt someone tap on my right shoulder and I would have ignored it if I had not seen Dan, one of my friends smiling. Alarmed, I had quickly turned around and came face to face with the girl I wanted so much. She was so beautiful, I tell you. She just stood there smilling like Angelina Jolie in the Tourist.


Wish I could tell you more about her but that’s a story for another day. Last time I talked to her she was in Mombasa, fresh from the TTC.

I did not see “Kiki” again after that night. I got somehow busy with school. Getting up very early to catch the train to school, which I prefer for three main reasons. First, its cheap compared to taking a matatu. From Pipeline to the City center I only have to pay ksh. 40 and which is always constant, but matatu it’s always double the amount. By 10 minutes past seven you have to be at the train station. You miss it, you will be forced to take a matatu which means getting to class almost an hour late, thanks to Nairobi traffic jam(My second reason).

My third reason to why I prefer to stand for almost forty minutes in the long metal snake over the luxurious royal swift, complete with a free Wi-Fi and music system is the debates that usually take place in the train.

In the train people are never dull, never silent. They are always having healthy debates, discussions about current affairs, the state of the economy, which is interesting to me. Politics is always the most debated topic and most of the time it ends with disagreements, but rarely with fist fights. The ruling Jubilee and Nasa are always on the menu. Who will lead Nasa to the ballots come August and such issues. Other popular topics are sports, mostly on betting (Sportpesa) and the country’s economy. The annual increase of our budget, especially in the recent years. Some say it’s a good thing but some are worried about how it will be funded.

I rarely take part in these debates but I keenly listen and honestly, I have learnt a lot from them.

The next time I saw her, I was coming back from class and coincidentally it was on the same stairs we had first met. She was standing with some two boys that I had never met before.

I greeted them as I passed and I remember her asking,

“Unatoka shule?”

After that day we started bumping into each other more often. Later on we exchanged phone numbers, started chatting on WhatsApp and as they say, the rest is history.

She was my girlfriend.

Like I told you last time, everything was okay until she went on a road trip with her friends to Lake Bogoria and later on to the Namanga border. After that she changed and was no longer the sweet innocent girl I used to know. I could feel something was going on but had no proof. I tried to make her open up in vain. I just wanted her to tell me the bitter truth, if there was…didn’t love me anymore!

I later find out through a trusted friend that she had another boy, a matatu conductor, the guy who allegedly offered her free rides when she was still in high school. The fun thing is that it was the same guy I once ran into her with and she was hesitant to introduce us. She told me he was just a friend and went on to accuse me of not trusting her.

We had to call it quits.

It was a painful experience and the whole time I was so bitter. Most of the time trying to convince myself she was not good for me. I even went ahead and downloaded “Too Good For You”, that song by Drake featuring Rihanna. Then with each passing day I started learning some things about her and her family that I was not aware of. What she was going through was disheartening and I felt sorry fo her. She was the victim, though that doesn’t justify how she treated me and I’m still mad her, but not judging. It’s not easy being raised by a single mother in this evil City.

I wish her luck, she will need it and as for me, I will just cool down for a while and try to enjoy ‘singlehood’.

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