Tea and Ugali nowadays is for the rich

It is just crazy! The rate at which sugar and maize flour, some of the most important commodities in Kenya, is rising.

Who ever thought that one day you will wake up, visit your neighborhood shop or that must stop supermarket, and buy 2kg maize flour at ksh. 180? And that’s just for those cheap brands we the hustlers buy, the likes of Pembe, Soko Ugali and Kifaru (Still wondering why these companies come about choosing some of these names of all the names in the world). It’s almost doubling up the price at which we were buying them at some few months back.

Talk of sugar. It’s even scaring to mention the wholesale price of 50kg bag. Back in 2014 it used to be around ksh.3800 and now I tell you it’s going for around ksh.8200. Whatever happened in between 2014 and 2017, I don’t know.

My best friend and fellow comrade Steve, yesterday was telling me (as we took sugarless coffee at the cafeteria, at the student center in the early afternoon-blame it on this Nairobi weather) how surprised he was when he went to buy sugar the previous day . For half a kilo he was being asked by the shopkeeper to part with about ksh.90 of his pocket-money. That messed up his budget and I’m sure soon he will be forced to call his parents back in Kiserian, Kajiado county for more cash.

Maybe I should just leave it to the policymakers, but I can’t because I’m affected. Me, you,your friend, your neighbor, my fellow Kenyans, and even foreigners (those visitors who can’t stop consuming ugali. You visit nyama choma base and you will confuse them for a Western Kenya native), and even animals (that mongrel you call a dog, that  lives on ugali and sometimes tea for survival) are affected.

These two commodities are the most important in our diet. The maize flour is the Kenyan staple food, which is consumed by almost every Kenyan nowadays. Ugali is being eaten by almost every tribe in Kenya, forget the days when it was believed to be only for the Luhya tribe. Go even to the State House and I’m sure you are likely to run into unwashed ugali dishes.

Don’t be surprised, I am sure Uhunye eats ugali too.

Having said that, what’s the solution. Is there a stop switch to this crazy price spin?

Hopefully, you are not looking up to me for ugali or chai answer! I’m not the government or even NASA, the opposition. Talking of which, this NASA should be using this opportunity to push their agenda, whatever that is. Give us options on how they will manage this food crisis since the government is not telling us much.

But once again how can you expect this elites to understand what we going through. What do they know about poverty! If you grew up in the State house, in Runda, Karen, Muthaiga,or Lavington and other affluent neighborhoods, how can you understand how it feels like to go to bed on an empty stomach, and you still have to wake up the next day to go to mujengo.

Do you know why I rarely watch the news nowadays? It is because it’s full of crap. Three quarters of the news is politics and again three-quarters of the politics is complete nonsense. Chest thumping and cat fighting while my fellow Kenyans are struggling to see the next day.

I prefer watching KISS Tv (music and rumors nonstop) or NatGeo Channel (allegedly the only tv show Nelson Mandela, the late icon watched during his last days) to wasting my eyes and ears on those stupid debates about Jubilee, Nasa, the Independents et cetera. Let those breakfasts shows talk about nothing else but the plight of Kenyans. The high cost of basic commodities. Let it be the only issue until it gets the necessary attention it requires from these careless and corrupt rich individuals we call leaders.

These leaders are hurtless!

How can they be going about their business as usual, campaigning, asking us (as we yawn with hunger) to re-elect them.

Some of these guys, are even the ones who are hording maize-the middlemen. Making abnormal profits to raise campaign money. Ironically, you will hear them too complaining about food prices like they care.

And as I write to you this I hear a passerby, with a heavy voice complaining about the price of milk. Maybe I should have talked about milk too because it has not been left behind by this price issue.

Who will hear our cries, we the poor. What should we do now that only the rich (wala nyama) can afford tea and ugali? Maybe I should give uncle Silvio a call and see what’s up in West Nile, Uganda.

Meanwhile as I try to ponder and figure out how to land my next sembe, I urge you brothers and sisters to continue praying. God is the provider.

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