Elections are here forever, me and you are not

Nowadays you say or do anything and guys are all over judging. And I mean everything!

I miss the days when you could just go about your business in a red shirt and no one will think you have joined the “Tuko Pamoja” team, or you put on your nice white shirt with some confusion at the collar and on the sleeves, and no one thinks you are already traveling at 200km/h in the NASA train.

You visit Facebook to take a glimpse of what’s going on, only to find brothers and sisters high on emotions. This and that defending President Uhuru with such vigour you will be forgiven for thinking they had the privilege of having dinner with His Excellency at the State House last night, and on the other hand you will see this other camp, defending the former Prime minister, Raila Amolo alias Baba with everything they got.

You go ahead and read  through a dozen other comments and you are left wondering what the hell is going on!

Why don’t you all just relax. Take a chill pill, it’s just elections for Gossake!

Elections have been here long before any of us were born, and they will continue to be here long after you and I are gone.

Elections will still be held long after you already in the land of ancestors, freely mingling with the likes of Madekesi Sr., Luanda Magere, Shaka Zulu, Wangari Maathai, Koitalel arap Samoei, Princess Diana, Booker T, Malcolm X, Bob Marley, King Kong, Tupac, Princes Diana, MJ, Luther King Junior, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Gaddafi, Nelson Mandela, king Nabongo, and many others.

You registered as a voter, right?

Now go and verify at your polling station, unless you want to go to your polling station on the elections day, queue for eight hours only to be told “you are not registered here”. After you have done all that verification, relax and wait for August 8 to do your magic.

This whole elections noise is boring!

Until the other day we have all been living like one big family, then in came elections and all hell broke loose. Divisions and discrimination started. All of a sudden your second name has started to matter, your tribe has become an issue! After years of living together, neighbors are now starting to mind your race.

The other time I could innocently post a photo and friends will come out in numbers, regardless of gender, tribe or race to give their best comments but not anymore.

Today you are seen in the streets with a beautiful girl from tribe X or Y, and people get mad, like they heard you did batter trade with your vote. It’s no longer about love or just friendship like before, now everything is just about elections.

The other day one of our lecturers, while checking the class attendance list, notices there are so many Os and she’s like,

” And this class has so many Os! Maybe the Os just love technology. ”

Thank God she said, “with all due respect to the Os”.

Not that it was a big issue (she’s a nice lecturer, though sometimes she dictates so many notes), but because of elections, everyone has become so irrational and impure.

Life is so much beautiful when we are just ourselves, with no pressure. You don’t have to turn your back on a brother who has always had yours just because elections are here!

You don’t have to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend of many years (been to hell and back with him or her) just because your parents say they are from that ” bad tribe”!

Which bad tribe? I don’t believe for a second that there is a bad or good tribe. Tribes are made by people and it’s people, us, that make tribes. We as a people can either make or spoil the names of our specific tribe. Stop vilifying tribes, you as people from that tribe are the problem!

Change your mentality, change your attitude

I’m from Western Kenya, and I am not ashamed of that. That’s who I am, I can’t change it. Not now, not ever. If you are from Eastern, North Eastern, Rift-Valley, Central or even Coast, be proud of that. Don’t let some idiot with mental issues brainwash you. You are too brilliant for that.

After the elections, when that favourite politician of yours is already in that magnificent office with lots of privileges, and already planning how to take their families on a holiday somewhere in Bahamas, or Costa Rica, you and I will still be in these streets of Nairobi tarmacking.

Brothers and sisters, at the end of the day it’s just elections.

It’s your choice, make a right one and we will all be smiling forever.

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