Larry Madowo leaves ‘The Trend’-So what

Last Friday I came in late, almost midnight just as the popular Sauti Soul band and the Ugandan veteran singer, Bobi Wine were leaving The Trend, led by the show host, the proud Larry Madowo.

With this cold June, thank you Larry for the idea

Taking my eyes away from the phone for a moment to look at what was up on the show, before I could decide whether to tune to 10 over 10, the other competing show, I noticed the twitter harshtag safely placed at the bottom edge of the screen:

Above is the screenshots of some of the tweets
So I was like, ‘okay’. I laid back on the couch ready to see what was going on. Why was Larry being thanked? Was he giving out goodies or what! I’ve never known the guy as being philanthropic. Since the show was on a commercial break, I took the moment to check out my twitter, and there atop the trending topics was the harshtag. Going through it I understood why…Larry Madowo was finally leaving his popular show, The Trend. There were hundreds of tweets. Larry this, Larry that! I will miss this I will miss that!

“So what if he is leaving?” I silently asked myself. “Will life stop?” Certainly not! The Earth’s revolution will still go on. He is not the first to do that to his fans and certainly he won’t be the last. I remember there used to be this reporter at NTV, if I remember correctly, called Robert Nagila that I used to like so much. As kids we used to mimic the way he talked and there even used to be his puppet character in the XYZ Show. He eventually left for BBC Africa after the 2007-2008 elections violence. And it’s not just him. In recent months we have grown used to the absence of the infamous Mohammed Ali of Jicho Pevu who is now competing against Said Salim, the cousin to Mombasa Governor Hasan Joho for Nyali parliamentary seat. Wishing him the best. Hear he was even beaten in the primaries (unfairly I bet) and now he’s running as an Independent candidate. Blame it on Kenyan politics, or maybe he should just have remained in journalism. He was really good in Investigative reporting.

As you can see Kenyans are used to people leaving. That’s just the way it is and that’s how it will always be. For his fans, including my dear sister, accept and move on. For those teenage young girls who used to stalk his accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hoping to be noticed) don’t worry, your dream boy is not deleting them accounts any time soon. You can still send him those creepy photos of you in your official ‘birthsuits’. For my fellow boys who were looking up to him…the wannabes, don’t worry there will come another Larry Madowo just like there will be another Barack Obama for those heartbroken Americans (still hoping Trump’s presidency is nothing but a nightmare that will come to pass when they wake up from their slumber).

And if anything, I think it’s good riddance.Personally I don’t watch his show unless he has an interesting guest, but my sister is a big fun of his.

I found him repelling. I mean who comes on live TV donning mult-colored socks that he expose throughout the show, plays cat videos and laugh himself to tears? While you still trying to figure out what’s so interesting, he introduces a pannel combined of “radio girls” and comedians to dissect current rumours. Sick!

As much as I hate Larry’s personality and I think many people out their share the same sentiment with me, I admired his success. Growing up we watched him climb up the success ladder all the way from KTN. He has worked very hard to be where he is now and going by his parting words, hard work should always come first. He bemoaned the current problem with young people who just want money and fame without working hard for them. Many just care about the number of Instagram and twitter followers. Everyone wants to be in the shoes of Kety Perry, Justin Bieber without caring about their price.  Many of his guests agreed, including the controversial radio personality, Shaffie Weru who at the moment was still getting over the fact that he had just helped enter Kenya’s name into the Guinness Book of Records (though still pending) for most people shaving at one particular time and in the same venue (i can’t believe I missed that fun). The event held in Kenyatta University main campus, sponsored by Procter and Gamble Kenya saw 3,000 people aged between 18-45 participate, beating Mexico who previously held the record of 2,374 from 2015

Having said all that, I take this opportunity to wish him all the best as he leaves (don’t know to where) and at the same time wish his successor luck because whoever they’re, sure they are going to need it. Filling the man’s shoes is not going to be a walk in the park.


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