My Village Girl (African Love Stories)

My village girl

Story of my village girl

Born and raised in


But she had a dream

With luck got education

Now she speaks of freedom and



go on live your life

Don’t wait for me

Still got a world to conquer

Name them after me

If u ever have kids

Said, yes

But you can name them yourself

Ni wewe utakuwa mama yao still

My village girl

I never said I was letting you go

Not that easily dear

We can still conquer the world together

Bado niko na vision

Deep inside na’burn na ambition

Everything said,

I still love you

Still wanna take you home to my people

Mama bado anakukumbuka you know

She keeps reminding me of

That day you broke her favorite pot

Trying to balance it on your small head, like my older sister Olga

Then we laugh together

We laugh until we can laugh no more

Last time she got me worried

You know she’s aged now

Daktari anasema

She shouldn’t get so much excited


Enough for one day

Maybe I’m just boring you with all this village talk

I understand you no longer that village girl I used to know

How time flies

How I wish I could turn back time

Miss them days

When we were just us

Us against the world, running the world mad

Oh my God

Where did that fire go? Everything so sad

Look at the charming me, so sad

Calling myself a blogger now

Don’t laugh at me, just looking for options

But it’s never too late

We can still be the us we used to dream of

During those December holidays

in mama’s maize farm

After we were done chasing after butterflies, and grasshoppers

We can still circumnavigate the world

Visit India, USA, ride on a camel somewhere in Egypt or UAE

Cross rivers in Vietnam and Cambodia in canoes

Later on

Visit Brazil and lazy around on the beach in Rio like bums

Babe I still remember

Still remember how you used to smile when I wrote you a song

You will be like, “babe another song for me! Go on…nataka kuskia. Sai!”

It was too late (damn)

“Babe, let me sing you the acapella tomorrow? It’s late”

But you will hear non of it

What a stubborn girl

“Ok, ok…”

Come back beautiful

Let’s start from the beginning

When it was just us

When it was just me and my

Village gal

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