Maybe we were all too hard on The Karen Hospital (What if Nkaissery was already dead)


Before I begin, first let me congratulate Doctor Fred Matiang’i for his nomination as the acting Internal Security Cabinet Secretary and also responsible for the coordination of National Government, the office that was previously held by the late Joseph Nkaissery.

Second I would also take the opportunity to  hold a moment of silence to the fallen Major-General. I may not have known Nkaissery that well on a personal capacity but I knew him as a Kenyan politician (politics aside), and a public servant who deserves final respect. Rest in peace sir.

I myself just like the rest of Kenyans learnt of his unfortunate demise on Saturday morning.I had just opened up shop (since I’m the one who usually open on the weekends), ready for the day when in came this woman, our buns supplier. It was about 6:30 and the first thing she said after her usual, “Abari ya kijana” was,


I was startled from my morning mood, as some of you already know I’m not quite a morning person. In fact when she came in I was busy trying to connect my ‘system’ (cheap Tecno smartphone connected to a pair of small external speakers), to put on some hiphop music. Some Kendrick Lamar usually does the magic. Trying to appear cheerful I asked her,

“kuskia nini mama?”

She stopped placing her supplies on the counter, stared at me for some minutes, guess trying to get my full attention. The whole time hands akimbo (the typical Kenyan ‘muchene’ woman).

“Nkaissery amekufa!”

She finally said curtly before beckoning me closer to whisper in my ear in her Gikuyu accent, “uyo lazima kuna kitu, haiwesi kuwa ugonjwa. Chana siarikuwa Prayer Uhuru Park akiwa msima?”

“Inasemekana alipelekwa uko check up na akafa!” I heard her say that as she left.

What if Nkaissery was already dead by the time he arrived in the hospital?

I was shocked! So after quickly texting my sister to pass on the sad news, I nervously hit Twitter. Believe me I wasn’t the early bird. Thousands of tweets had already started pouring in, many of them full of emotions. Condolences from left and right. Others were certainly not afraid to insinuate that a black hand had played a hand, going ahead to drag in the late George Saitoti and his deputy, Orwa Ojode. And in that whole confusion, one thing stood out, The Karen Hospital. This hospital, ladies and gentlemen is the real issue that I’m here trying to act cordial. This is the hospital Kenyans were told Nkaissery died in, at least going by what the statement the government Chief of Staff, Joseph Kinyua send to the press on last Sunday morning.

The Chief of stuff said he had died in the Karen Hospital where he had been taken for check up. Now going by the tweets on the Karen Hospital where Kenyans were still wondering what was going on in this hospital that’s perceived by most Kenyans, including me to be a rich man’s hospital. Most individuals who frequent the hospital are not the ordinary mwananchi but the Kenyan elites from upmarket residences like Karen, Runda, and other affluent neighborhoods. So being told by the government that CS had died in the hospital where he had been taken for check up was baffling. As usual I was not left out in this whole circus. I twitted the tweet below that  didn’t go so well with everyone. Some said I did not get the fact right like the one of this gentleman below.

Going by the statement of Chief of Staff, it meant that Nkaissery had just gone for a medical check up in his neighborhood hospital and died in the process, which is not exactly what happened. It’s the reason some people were angry with my tweet.

Having said all that I think the Hospital too was to blame.  It seems they lack a competitive Public Relations office, or maybe  they should try outsourcing. Anyone would have expected the Hospital to come out and offer an official statement about their involvement if at all they care about their image. Why not tell Kenyans whether the late CS was bought to them when he had already succumbed. In stead, I think until yesterday they had left Kenyans to speculate. And we know Kenyans (me included).

In the meantime let’s all wait and see what the pathologists (both government and family pathologist) will come up with. Hope Kenyans will be informed of the cause of death of Nkaissery, and calm nerves as we come closer to the August 8th, the day of the General Election.

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