Why I’m I Here?

Why I’m I here?

Here, in this crooked, ugly-looking chair trying to write stuff that obviously only a handful of people will care to read

Why I’m I here?

Here, in this school paying fees for a course that I’m not even sure is what I wanted in the first place

A profession I saw myself doing till the years say it’s enough, go home old man and spend the few remaining years of your life with your family, watch your grandchildren play as you graze your sizeable stock of cattle

And before I go any further, why I’m even here?

Here, with this girl

With this girl who does not even think I’m enough, just because I have no white-collar job and yet to buy a car

And why I’m I here

Residents of Pipeline Estate in Nairobi rushing to and from


Here, in this crowded and dusty estate, with its poorly constructed apartments, just beautiful people…
Why I’m here

Here, in this City

In this city that I have given so much but in return has nothing for me

No water, poor sanitation, chaotic transport system, monopolized energy sector and no proper housing for its residents

Why I’m here? What I’m doing here?

Here, in this country

In this country that still uphold tribalism, and many years after independence from the cruel British regime still elects National leaders on the basis of tribe

Why I’m here in this country that has leaders that do not even believe in me, in us and does not even believe in our diversity, greedy and corrupt and only care about their special families and their small circle of friends, and their potbelly

Tell me, why I’m here

Here, here in this beautiful but awfully evil world where the whole of humanity is chasing money and power, where terrorism has become an economic activity that once respected personalities in once respected governments are reaping abnormal profits from, vices are no longer feared, not if it can bring success

Jay-Z in Rick Ross’ Free Mason said, “Lord forgive me, I wouldn’t have made it here without sin”.

Here, here in this world where Forbes on daily basis is counting billionaires while some people in remote parts of this world that we live in are dying of hunger, from curable diseases like malaria

School kids playing in the only field they got in Kwa Njenga Slum in Nairobi


Why waste resources, billions and billions of shillings building warfare weapons while millions of the world citizens are living in poverty, with no basic needs, are you going to war? Hope it’s the aliens, not against fellow humans

Why I’m I even here

Here, trying to pour out my feelings, my frustrations, my pain to this cold world that has leaders who get elected just because in their campaigns they promised to build walls instead of bridges to separate God-created people

Let me just bow out, sit in a state of trance and day-dream about this perfect world that has no pain and people leave in peace and harmony, people live like family

Yea, one big family after all they nowadays call  the world a global village

6 thoughts on “Why I’m I Here?

  1. I love this post. So much truth. Beautifully written. Terrorism is what I wrote about an hour ago. I know the feels. Poverty you talk about and war.. Everything’s so on point. Sometimes, an honest post like this is all that’s needed. No sugarcoated bullshit about life. Keep writing. Love your writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

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