Stand Up Against Terrorism

Terrorism! Terrorism!

From the East African terror group Al Shabaab to the West African Boko Haram, and their big brother ISIS, to hundreds of other small groups formed specifically to terrorize innocent civilians.

Has it become a way of life, an economic activity or a hobby maybe, that someone just wakes up and decides, “hii ndiyo nataka kufanya”?

Like one of my Indian Friends, Namrata of Wordskeeprambling (actually haven’t heard from her for quite some time now, just hope she is alright), I’m also sick of all this terrorism news. I can’t just sit here and continue writing only God knows what, like everything is okay while people are losing lives. If it continues like this I’m afraid I will have no one left to write my sad Kenyan stories for.

Here at home, recently we have witnessed terrorist attacks in Lamu, where about 9 people were butchered in cold blood, bringing back some sad memories like that of the Garissa University attack in 2015 where we lost 147 people, mostly students. It was so horrific and ugly and we kept praying to God that we may never see a repeat of such thing. So you can imagine how we are all shaken up by the recent developments in the Coast of Kenya.

It’s not only a Kenya issue by the way, it’s a global one. Recently we have all watched, read, and heard what has been happening in England, from the Ariana Grande’s Manchester Concert where 23 innocent children and adults lost lives and almost 250 others injured. Just to know how serious this whole thing is, tune in to Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, and close to home, You will never miss a sad incident. ISIS this, ISIS that…an attack in this city, another in that city. It’s like watching an ugly war movie.

Even as I write this, breaking news coming in is that Public Works PS, Mariam El-Maawy was yesterday, July 15 kidnapped by the Al-Shabaab but later rescued ( thank God) by the KDF among six others in Milihoi.

You can see what I’m talking about. The extend of this whole thing, but is it really worth it?  Most of these terrorists keep shouting in defence of their heinous acts that they are fighting for a cause. A CAUSE! For God sake which cause? Talking of which, I decided to check up the English dictionary to see if I can find out anything sinister about the word. The following is what I discovered

  1. The source or reason of an event or action.
  2. A goal, aim or principle, especially one which transcend(s) purely selfish ends.

Do you read the second meaning? So whatever these guys are fighting for is just for their own selfish gains. They are not fighting for me or you! If it’s trying to get governments’ attention by killing innocent people who are not even sure what your grievances with them are is evil! But I’m not even sure if those mindless people know what wrong is, or even right for that matter.

Some allege that they’re killing infidels, kaffir, the non-believers of their religion. Who said you should start killing people simply because they do not believe in your religion! Jesus is the most respected personality, alive or dead, but ever heard of Christians killing people of other religions just because they do not conform to their religion? The answer is no, because I think they respect others. If you respect others, you will respect who they are and that includes their faith. So religion too isn’t the problem. Religion is just a scapegoat.

But not every terrorist attack victim is a Christian, some are Muslims and even in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iran where most of these atrocities are being committed, majority of the people living there are Muslims. Maybe they will give us that military lie, collateral damage or something close to it, if there is any.

Blood of a brother! It doesn’t matter your reason, it’s evil! Congratulations you made a widow, a widower! You can go ahead and make all those poor women your wives. Another orphan. A kid somewhere will never know the feeling of growing up around a dad. How it feels to be taught how to kick a soccer ball or dribble a basketball by your own blood father. Do you see another orphanage? Another helpless baby got added to the ‘family’. I was never raised in an orphanage and I won’t pretend to know what it feels like to live in one, but what I’m sure of is that it’s not the same as growing up in a real home.

Ever cared to ask where these guys get the money to buy all that ammunition? The high-tech military weapons? The surveillance equipment. Money for their own intelligence networks, salaries and wages, money for recruitment and training. Ever sat down and wondered where all those billions come from? Which banks aid them? Are the governments aware, and if aware what are they doing about it?

When the Al Shabaab started, we were told that their main source of income was charcoal selling. Charcoal! I was left wondering whether there’s any tree still standing in the whole of Somalia. And of course also another source of income was said to be piracy especially in the Indiana waters. Hijacking both passenger and cargo ship that frequent the route, transporting people and supplies. Tourists are kidnapped for ransom.

People are dying of hunger but these dogs and bitches have money for bombs!

If I had a wish, I will call upon all the Nations of the Earth to stand up against Terrorism. Stand up and be counted. Muslim or Christian, forget gender, don’t talk about color or even geographic location, it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day we’re all walking with guns pointed to our heads and daggers placed to our throats. Please don’t say you don’t care just because you are yet to lose someone close to you. Someone said prevention is better than cure. Why not help us shout ourselves hoarse until someone decides to act up, than sitting back and acting naïve and later be sorry.

Life is precious and divine, hence should  never be lost in vain.

Let’s all stand up for one another as one big Earth family. Say NO! SAY NO to killing one another and SAY NO to terrorists killing us!

We are all humans, children of the Mother Nature, leaving under one God (sema Amen…hahaha).

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