Some of the people I will hate to see in “Canaan”

Meanwhile as we wait for Raila Odinga, the self-proclaimed Joshua to successfully lead us from “Egypt” into “Canaan”, here are some of the people I will hate to enter into the so-called Canaan with.

But before I get into that, first allow me to congratulate the Asian Community for becoming the 44th Kenyan tribe. Honestly all Along I used to think the Indians and the rest of the lot were Kenyans. The Makonde people is the only tribe that I was fully aware hadn’t been recognized as a Kenyan tribe until early this year when they were registered as the 43rd. Some of this guys have been living in Kenya for generations. They have been here long before the coming of the missionaries (men of God who blindfolded us with the Bible as they made way for the colonizers to come and suppress us in pretence of enlightening us) but surprisingly they were not recognized as Kenyans by law.

Let’s wait and see how they welcome this news and if they will start integrating with the rest of us. For some reasons they have, especially the Indians, secluded themselves from the rest of the Kenyans. They rarely intermarried with the natives despite having some of the most beautiful women. They prefer to go back to India to look for spouses.

Second, is the issue of the exes that don’t want to be forgotten. The other day I had the pleasure of hosting an unwanted visitor.

With everything going on, the current political wave in the country, Baba’s Nane Nane frenzy and the push and pull between the IEBC, NASA, and the Judiciary, my ex is the last person I expected to see. From the blues she showed up.
I was too engrossed in my phone that I didn’t notice someone staring at me through the grills.

“Ebu fungua apa!” I heard the command from an already familiar voice. It was kinda rude but I went ahead and opened the door for her nevertheless.

“Wewe niko na vita na wewe. Uliandika nini juu yangu kwa iyo blog yako?” She started without warning. Not even hi. Okay!

I couldn’t remember exactly what I had written about her that was enough to warrant this intrusion. Of course earlier on when I was starting this blog I had written about two posts about her, but nothing bad, it was just blunt truth. I just remained silent, my eyes staring at the laptop in front of me. She pulled a chair and sat close to me. Unplugged my phone from the USB and plugged hers. All the time complaining about this and that she had come across while reading my posts ( not sure if she wanted me to know that she reads my stuff, or what). I just felt like laughing, but I didn’t, I just remained mum but smiling (that I can never stop-my weakness).

Funny that that’s all that brought her from the comfort of her cave. Trying not to read in between the lines. Maybe it was an excuse to see how I was doing or one of girls’ many tricks of keeping tabs on their exes. I don’t know, but whatever it is I don’t care. I moved on girl and word of advice, live your life sweetheart. Live your life, and don’t disrupt my pathetic one. Just trying to stay on my lane. It’s safe.

And back to the topic,

1.  The Tribalists

The first on my wishlist. These are people who treat their fellow Kenyans who are not from their tribes, or who do not conform to their tribal ideologies as if they have the deadly ebola virus. They hate people from some specific tribes so much that they can disown their own children if they make a mistake of marrying from those hated tribes. It’s 21st century for crying out loud! We are all Kenyans, one people sharing a common country and if you can’t accept that, you better remain in Egypt.

2. Gangsters

As I write this, we’re just from witnessing an ugly incident last week where a KCB rugby player, 24-year-old James Kilonzo was gunned down by armed robbers in the streets of Nairobi. The incident was highly rebuked by Kenyans of all walks of life, some like me who even didn’t personally know him. My friend and fellow comrade, Billy who plays rugby for the Nondescripts RFC happen to know the diseased well and was really affected by the whole thing. Rest in peace James. Hope the culprits will be brought to book as soon as possible because justice delayed is justice denied. By the way the thugs were captured on camera and the video is now trending on social media trying to get people to help the police identify the killers. It’s painful to lose such a brilliant life this way and this one of the reasons I’m looking up to the heavens to help prevent such cruel characters from entering “our Canaan”. News is that Deputy President Ruto’s  Sugoi home was also attacked yesterday ( by a machete wielding man) but Kenyans believe it’s foul play. Trying to get sympathy votes, at least going by Kenyans reactions on social media.

3. The dirty cops

There is no one as dangerous as a dirty police officer! These are the guys who sell firearms to thugs that end up killing civilians like James Kilonzo. These are the same people who take bribes from Al shabaab and let them pass checkpoints. They accept bribe and look aside as unroadworthy vehicles pass and end up endangering people’s lives. The Waiganjos. I hope such cops will remain in ” Egypt”.

4. Corrupt leaders

Kenyans for a very long time we’ve been victims of corrupt leaders that unfortunately we ourselves elect. Thank God we have another opportunity to correct this. To vote in worthy and deserving leaders. Let us make sure we get it right this time round. These guys are the enemy of progress. You can’t get a job without offering a bribe, or “do you know anybody” syndrome. Practicing nepotism even in public offices. These kind of leaders should have no place in Canaan.

5. Terrorists

Last but not least we have the terrorists. I hate these animals with passion. These are the last people I will want to see leading their heartless bodies into “Baba’s Canaan”. Read Stand Up Against Terrorism just to see how much I hate terrorists.

As I conclude, on a serious note I ask Kenyans, especially my fellow youths to maintain peace. Let’s vote wisely and elect leaders that will help improve our lives and create jobs. And the above list is from my own hatelist, you can interact with us, share the kind of people you will hate to see in “Canaan”.

Nice time.

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