Girls get a “sponsor” if you want to live fast and die young 


If you tell them to forget about sponsors, they think you are just being jealous since they’re “rolling big”. Balling with society elites. They will call you pathetic broke n****. Some will tell you to get a life but now tell that to the late Caro Ngumbo who was murdered alongside the IEBC ICT manager, Chris Msando.

When news about Chris Msando’s disappearance came out, it was also said that she was in the company of unidentified woman. But now it’s confirmed that the woman was a 21-year-old Maryanne Wairimu Ngumbo popularly known as Caro Ngumbo from Gachie, Kiambu County. Caro was a student at the Kenya Medical Training College, Karen Campus and had just finished her attachment in Naivasha and was waiting to graduate this coming December. Their naked bodies were found dumped in Maguga forest in Gikuyu, Kiambu County on Saturday July 30th. Caro’s almost a kilometre apart from that of Chris, who was reported missing by his wife after he failed to come home (Nyayo Estate, Embakasi) the previous night.


It’s said the girl, Caro before being killed was last seen with Msando in the City Center up to about 11 pm. Her sister, Jedidah Wairimu who identified Caro’s body in the morgue said:

“Caro said she would come later after the drink date. I know she and Chris were friends for the past months.”

Not trying to judge, because I’m not God, but just ask yourself what was this 21-year-old girl doing with an almost 50 plus year old man in a Friday night. Talking business?

Some of this loaded guys have so much baggage; job pressure (everyone want the system not to fail on Nane-Nane like in 2013), family conflicts, and a myriad of other reasons and they are just looking for a young innocent girl to help offload part of it. You, a very beautiful young woman with a promising future, just because you want a “panya-route” to life, you end up sleeping and doing so much ugly stuff with such men. When tragedy hits, you end up being a victim of things you have absolutely no idea of its genesis. You end up cruelly murdered like Caro maybe just because you witnessed something you weren’t supposed to see. When the murderers are cleaning up they start with you sweetheart.

I know we can’t control some of these things. We can call it fate but at the same time we can start by being responsible. It’s never too late to start over.

Hope my girlfriends will read this, and my little sister too. I love her so much and it will hurt me in a way you can never imagine if she ended up like poor Caro. And mum, she would just die. Your parents have struggled raising you up, giving you education just to make sure you have a life that they maybe never had and you end up like that. Murdered in cold blood with your lifeless body lying naked in a damn forest.

I can’t even start to imagine what Caro’s family is going through right now. Can you imagine they were not even allowed to view the body of their daughter because she had been tagged “exhibit”? The rest of the country is just interested in the look-alike assassination of Chris Msando, no one cares about the young beautiful girl who was murdered together with him! No one does! Not when the most coveted elections in the history of our Nation is less than a week away.

I know most of it is about money because “sponsors”, unlike us struggling boys, have money. Most of them are grey-haired men with bodies smelling of old age I’m sure, but loaded. With lots of money. Hear they can take you to Nakumatt Mega (hope it still got goods on its shelves. Word last month was that Nakumatt Stores were almost closing shop like Mumias Sugar Co.) and tell you to pick anything you want. Imagine you are that girl from a poor family. You will think you have found a savior.

Some new snickers every other week, you can afford some fake Mexican or Brazilian weave, you can afford to hit either Muthurwa or Gikomba and come out bearing a whole bale of mutumba clothes and on top of that you still have some cash left for smokies, chipo and even pizza. In campus you walk around like a peacock and the only time you talk nicely to a comrade is when you either need help with the assignment or some proxy to sign the class attendance list.

It’s good life but most of it doesn’t last. You will end up a disgrace to your family. If you don’t end up in a cemetery courtesy of HIV/AIDS or stabbed by the sponsors wife, you live the rest of whatever will be left of your life regretting. Drowning your sorry ass in sorrow.

Woe to us “boys”. You sit there so proud of yourself that you have a beautiful girlfriend. At night while you’re there too busy staring at her pictures from your phone or computer like she’s some sort of Holy grail, as you masturbate, your girlfriend is out there in an upmarket club enjoying free booze and massaging old ugly-looking men! Sorry but that’s the bitter truth bruh.

Remember the story of Mercy Cherono? Now we have another unfortunate girl. For those girls that want a fast life, here you go. You can go ahead and be the next Vera Sidika or Huddah Monroe, who cares!

To the family and friends of Caro Ngumo, my condolences. You didn’t deserve that.

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