Kenya Decides 2017 (Canaan all the way up)

Let me post this fast before the alleged Internet shutdown on elections day.

The day we have all been waiting for is here-election day. The day the great people of Kenya, my beloved country are going to exercise their Democratic right. The politicians have done their part, campaigned, feeding us with both truth and lies but now it’s our time to speak. It’s time the voters voice is heard. For the politicians, in short it’s judgement day. Good luck, you will need it.

August 8th, a.k.a Nane-Nane is just hours away. Walking through the streets of Nairobi you can just feel the excitement, especially from the NASA supporters who can’t wait to enter “Canaan”. Since I was born I have never seen Kenyans excited about any election as they were now. Maybe the only exception being that of the 2010 Referendum. The other issue I think is bringing all this excitement in this tense times is  Canaan.

Honestly this whole Canaan thing is interesting. From every corner you turn, someone is talking about it. Joking to how ready they are, going ahead to tell you they’ve already packed their luggage, just waiting for the final whistle from Baba (Raila Odinga). You go to social media, especially the WhatsApp and you run into all kinds of Canaan Jokes. Like yesterday my sister had run out of sugar stock on her shop shelves and then came in this female customer who wanted sugar.

” Kwani hauna sukari?” The customer asked after seeing sugar missing on her shopping items. But what my sister answered made everyone around burst out laughing.

“Mama Angel ni leo tu na kesho, iyo siku nyingine tunaenda Canaan na huko ni asali si sukari!”

Thank God it was on a lighter note though, or else she would have lost a customer. But it’s also good to note that it’s not only the people supporting NASA involved in this joke as all Kenyans are sharing it. You ask a Jubilee supporter if they are part of the Canaan Crew and you will hear, “you just go me I’m comfortable in Egypt”, or ” ukifika bro wewe nishikie shamba”. Like seriously!

The streets in Nairobi on Sunday looked quite deserted, not sure if it was because of Christians being in church or people having left to go back to their ancestral lands to vote, or like my friend Steve was saying before we closed up for the elections, running away in fear of possible post-election violence. All in all for once I was happy to walk without having to push through bodies and stepping on people’s toes.

Come Tuesday, the voting day I hope Kenyans will come out in numbers and vote wisely. Vote in leaders of your choice but who are of integrity. We are just tired of talking matters corruption. People like  former Devolution PS, Anne Waiguru should never be elected into public office. You get involved in such a scandal as that of NYS, you don’t account for all those billions that you mismanaged with your cronies and at the end of the day you expect to become a Governor! A whole Governor! You expect to be entrusted with county funds? I hope the people of Kirinyaga won’t be that stupid to elect her while there are other better choices around. But at the end of the day that’s up to them.

The problem is not just in Kirinyaga, we have these moral lacking leaders scattered all over the country like plastic bags in Nairobi. If I had a wish, anyone who is gubernatorial candidate and was previously a senator should not be voted in. Because most of them it’s because of greed. When devolution was introduced by the Constitution back in 2010, most individuals who rushed for the Senate were mostly lawyers who saw it as a privilege but later on realized otherwise, especially after watching how most Governors were amassing wealth. People like the Governor of Bungoma, Ken Lusaka who was involved in the Wheelbarrow scandal but walked Scott free but he’s even now defending his seat on a Jubilee ticket. Recently just when the IEBC was clearing the candidates, we saw Kakamega Governor, Oparanya struggling with graft issues but still got cleared and on 8/8 will be defending his office against the Ikolomani bullfighter, Bonny Khalwale who is coming in as the former senator.

I know I can’t finish the list. It’s as long as a nightmare. I have not named my own home Governor Sospeter Ojamong’, and his fierce fight with Paul Otuoma, or in neighbouring Siasa, Raila’s home county, the story of Ranguma and Rasanga, or somewhere in Eldoret the ugly fight between Buzeki and Mandago. In Kiambu we can smell smoke and Waititu won’t just have it on a silver platter. Not when Kabogo is still breathing with his millions. On parliamentary front, we have the Kasarani seat where the rich Steve Mbogo is struggling against Jaguar the musician, and Bonny Mwangi the vocal activist. Sure it’s going to be dirty! Then in Embakasi East we have Babu Owino, the former Student Leader of S.O.N.U expecting to clinch the seat. Last but not least, Nairobi county where the real shit is going down.

Mike Sonko Mbuvi fresh from the Senate where he never actually did much apart from what I hear by word of mouth (in fact I think he performed better as the Makadara MP), and we have Peter Kenneth alias PK who in 2013 was a presidential candidate (talk of falling from Grace), and Miguna Miguna the no-nonsense Author and Columnist and also former advisor to Raila, the man who has a word for everyone except himself all going up against the incumbent Evans Kidero. If I have not named you, you are certainly not a threat and maybe the only vote you got is yours.

Oga, not even sure if your own wife will be voting for you oh.

Let’s see who comes out the victor, but honestly I believe the Nairobi one will still be decided in the Court of Appeal like the last.

Then we have the one that everyone is waiting for, the presidential one where we’ve the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta facing the former Prime Minister, Raila Amollo Odinga in a duel to the death. We have others about six in number that just like in the Nairobi gubernatorial seat, I won’t mention. No time for people looking for a publicity stunt. This is the race that will define many elections in the history of our Nation. It’s actually no different from that of 2002, at least going by what the learned political analysts have been blubbering on TV and radio about during the ended campaign period.

Most people want regime change. High costs of living and many other factors have contributed to this feeling. The ugali crisis Tea and ugali nowadays is for the rich, unemployment (the Chinese have jobs in our country while we ourselves are tarmacking. It’s unacceptable), massive corruption and tribalism, nepotism in government offices have all been a problem and most Kenyans are saying enough is enough.

Let’s vote in numbers, and vote wisely and then afterwords maintain peace. We want life to continue as normal because at the end of the day we are all Kenyans. Also keep in mind that Elections are here forever, me and you are not. Above all, the elections should be free, credible and fair, for if not that’s a recipe for chaos, something we don’t want. And this is a real test for Mr. Wafula Chebukati and his IEBC team. It’s up to them to decide which legacy they want to leave behind.

The other day it was Ruanda deciding and they decided to continue with President Paul Kagame. Wish him all the best even as I eye his beautiful tall daughter, Ange. If I had a wish…if only I had a wish!

And finally, let’s meet in Canaan.

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