It’s not too late for my beautiful Africa

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Finally! Finally the Supreme Court of Kenya, led by Chief Justice Maraga has delivered a landmark ruling that will straight away go into the history books of not just our country Kenya, but of the great African Continent as a whole.

The Maraga led team of seven judges ruled in favour of Raila Odinga’s petition that the last General Elections was not conducted in a free, fair and credible manner, hence over-ruling President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election and directing the IEBC to conduct fresh presidential elections sixty days from the day of the ruling.

Standing ovation for the CJ and his justices, please! The president and his deputy never saw that coming, did they? If we go by their recent reactions where they’ve been heard telling their supporters that they don’t agree with the court’s decision even though they accept it–which is the most important part. Also we expect after the court declared 21days when the full report about the case is expected, that some members from the electoral body who might have participated in electoral malpractice to be charged and prosecuted in the court of law.

This much awaited decision came only a day after I had written in one of my posts Tough times to be a Kenyan, that I was ready for whatever verdict the learned judges would come up with. To be honest, I wanted the Supreme Court to nullify the presidential results, and the wise old Maraga didn’t disappoint me. The election was nothing but a sham, if I’m allowed to call it by its proper name.

I’m applauding the Friday, 1st September 2017 ruling because I want other struggling democracies in our beautiful Continent and the rest of the world by extension to know that everything is possible, and that there are still good and morally upright individuals out there like the CJ of Kenya, Justice David Maraga who are ready and willing to fight for justice. We still have good people who are willing to stand up against tyrants and corrupt government systems to defend the voiceless. I want countries like my beautiful mama’s mother country, Uganda or President Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe to have that belief that it’s not too late.

There’s still hope for the war-torn Africa’s youngest Nation, South Sudan. We pray that one day it will be stable enough to allow its many Citizens that are scattered all-over our country to return to their homeland and start reconciliation, rehabilitation and rebuilding. I know this is what guys like the Miami Heats NBA star, Luol Deng—my favourite players after LeBron James and K.D—want.

Come November, we will be going to the polls again, this time round for a free, fair and credible elections. We don’t want “computer-generated” leaders, but leaders that reflect the true will of the Kenyan people. To those “Independent” Observers—who we later came to learn that they’re not after all that independent—from the International Community; the likes of the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, those from the African Union and the European Union, shame on you for clearly showing the world once again that you care less about the voice of the African People but for your own selfish interests. Unless you want to tell us that the Supreme Court’s verdict that the elections were not free, fair and credible was wrong!

Ironically these are the same people that keep asking us to withhold democracy, but when democracy is being tampered with, they look the other side for fear of provoking the government of the day.

Kindly, with all due respect to John Kerry and his cronies, if you are not prepared to be as independent as humanly possible and to give unbiased observation in our future elections, don’t waste your taxpayers money coming.

Africa is so beautiful, and one day God willing, I will visit each and every country on the Continent. I will start with our neighbouring stubborn sister country Somalia, then re-visit Uganda and Tanzania, Rwanda and her neighbour Burundi—Nkurunzinza’s country—and then head further south through Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and all the way to the Republic of South Africa but not before stopping in Madagascar. From my geography, I know Lesotho and king Mswati’s Swaziland is down there. With luck maybe I can even sneak away with one of his many young queens. It’s not fair for one man to have so many wives while the rest of us are still single out here.

I will get back with my juvenile ambition, this time round head up north. From the land of Nelson Mandela, I want to walk barefoot through the Namib Desert in the afternoon and naked through the Sahara at night like a madman. I want to visit Angola and hopefully greet former president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos—world’s second-longest serving president after Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea—and her beautiful super rich daughter, Isabel dos Santos. I know she’s married–to a Congolese but I will go ahead nevertheless. I want to stand on top of Fouta Djallon hills in Guinea and shout my heart out, then enter Samuel Etoo’s Cameroon, and then carefully make it to Nigeria, past the evil Boko Haram militia. I want to personally confirm that Lagos is in did Africa’s most populous City.

Timbuktu in Mali. I want to go there and then Senegal, Gambia, Cape Verde, then finish with those Muslim countries; Morocco, Libya, Egypt–stand at the mouth of the world’s longest river, Nile where it pours it’s vital, long-distance waters in the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria. I want to also witness the effects of the Arab Spring.

Forgive me for taking you through all that but I thought it was important for you to understand how much I’m proud of Africa. Yes, we have our challenges, a myriad of them to be honest, but one day we will overcome them because with decisions such as the one made by the Supreme Court of Kenya, I can confidently say we’re headed in the right direction.

Great great Africa.

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