Why watch Churchill, laugh for 30 min if I can listen to Miguna Miguna, laugh for a week

To start off, I’m not quite a big YouTube fan to be honest, and so for the few times I’m on it, I’m watching Dr. Miguna Miguna’s past TV shows and interviews. The most popular ones being the ones he was on JKL —Jeff Koinange Live — on KTN, before the show was terminated, again thanks to Miguna Miguna.

Before I get to Miguna, let me tell you about what I learnt in yesterday’s Supreme Court Full Verdict, that we spend the whole day waiting for, even as bees were stinging both demonstrators and the police outside the courts. Listening to the two descending judges, Justice Njoki Ndung’u and Justice JB Ojwang’, you could see their argument was based on numbers just like the lawyers who represented both Jubilee and the IEBC in the Petition. That numbers matter. Forcing people to believe that numbers matter, and it’s everything in an election. But non of them was ready to tell the rest of us how they got those numbers that matter so much.

Elections is just like an exam, maybe more so like a mathematical exam, and a math exam is about numbers and formulas. To win, you must have a right answer, but to get the said right answer one has to use an acceptable and convincing formula. You have to follow a sort of algorithm — step by step process of coding, or coming up with anything as with this matter — certify a system, and get your right answer. And if anyone comes up to argue against your answer you must be ready to defend it by all means necessary, explain to the dumbest person how you got that answer, and if you can’t, whoever was against your answer wins.

Jubilee had a chance to defend their victory in Court and failed miserably, instead chose to stick with the pathetic narrative that they won, and even the two learned Justices supported them, crying that numbers matter. If Jubilee and their supporters should be angry at anyone, then it should be their lawyers and the likes of IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba. PERIOD.

Coming back to our topic, Miguna Miguna is a lawyer and currently a barrister somewhere in Canada. He’s a former adviser to the former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga and was a Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant in the last election. A man who doesn’t entertain mediocrity at all. He answers you according to the way you formulated your question. He’s a phenomenon in his own right. A no-nonsense man and if you happen to follow him on Twitter, you will agree with me.

The man can dismantle you in a one to one in a matter of seconds, and leave people sneering at you for many days to come. Just ask the current Nairobi women representative, Esther Passaris. In fact it’s believed the way she was attacked by Miguna on live TV show is the reason JKL was terminated on KTN. The man left the poor lady in tears before Kenyans, which was not particularly attractive.

Just the other day when he was hosted by Ainea Dibarl on NTV AM Live alongside Rarrieda Mp, Otiende Amollo, Kikuyu Mp Kimani Wamachung’wa and Kiambu Senator, Kimani Wamatangi — Seriously, kwani majina ilikuwa imeisha. And in that show when Wamatangi tried to insinuate that Miguna’s character is the reason he was “sacked” by Raila, and his comrade Wamachung’wa wondering where Miguna learnt law. Miguna claimed it was an attack on his personal character and went ahead to retaliate by saying, “in fact this two gentlemen — Wamatangi and Wamachung’wa — can not be admitted in highschool in Canada where I’m a barrister”.

But what made me laugh so much during the show is when Wamatangi called Miguna a kamikaze — “Special Attack Unit”, or actually, more of a suicide bomber, which neither of the panelists reacted to. Just to acknowledge that fact, I tweeted on my handle @madekesiworld in an effort to stress on it, at the time still not sure if Miguna will not be pouncing on me, or even block me, but thank God he liked the tweet.

Churchill show is the best comedy show in the East, and Central Africa, but I will prefer to watch and listen to Miguna Miguna any day, and laugh for the rest of the week over it. And also learn because I believe he’s quite knowledgeable. The man is actually like Senator Wamatangi referred to him, a “kamikaze”. Just look at some of his tweets and replies I compiled below.

(Hope the good doctor that I have so much respect for will not find offence in my post. I’m a big fan, just like hundreds of other Kenyans. Also tried to make sure no one will be suing my poor ass for libel like Safaricom did to Cyprian Nyakundi, which in my view was unwarranted).

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