Hope tomorrow I will still have you as a friend

My friend Steve and I sometime last week at Uhuru Park in Nairobi after an afternoon lecture. Me in a cap, still afraid of the camera.

Martin, Ian and Nadia earlier today. The board full of ICT Law writings. “Torts”

My friend

Tomorrow is coming, with hundreds of changes

Wonder if Brian still remembers all he met at CHANGES

Don’t mind, he’s my childhood friend

Been years, but don’t worry you still a friend

People, weather, climate, politics, love, faith, technology will all change

Today sunshine, my friend I see your skin glittering

Kesho beba umbrella ukienda job, looks like it’ll be drizzling

Just seasonal changes, part of life

Part of growing up, that’s life

Tomorrow is coming,

People will change, those you used to know

Will be nothing but a distant memory

Don’t count on social media much, accounts get compromised, deleted

Contacts get lost even in today’s world, you search for years until you feel defeated

Guys get back to country-sides, get engulfed in tribal cocoons

In the process love get lost, now its just hate and animosity

You wonder what happened, what happened to my dear friend

I know change is inevitable, but still hope you’ll be around friend

Me and you will still be homies long after today, brothers

Even after we’ve had those kids, calling us fathers

Here at a building opposite Hilton Hotel, Nairobi. Taken a friend for a job interview. Joe on the left and Theo on the right, busy on their phones

With some of my friends at TUK

Charlo and G in the Nairobi streets, headed home

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow

Still in God’s hands but,

No matter what happens, hope I will still count on you as a friend

And always remember, Love is a responsibility and only the fortunate gets it.

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