Hike at Mt. Longonot in Naivasha

This one I must go.

Honestly, boy I’ve never been a fun of hiking. Never done it before and I’ve always thought of it as a waste of precious time, and sometimes dangerous. Then I met this beautiful and ambitious girl through a friend —wish you met her. You would fall in love with her at once and not just for her beauty, but brains too — and my whole view about hiking changed.

How can anyone call walking through some of the most steepest ( but this one I’m told is moderate. So don’t chicken out), and sometimes dangerous terrains fun, I used to wonder. I have many hobbies but this one wasn’t one of them, and not that I hate strenuous activities, if anything I love stuff that stretches my muscles. Things that can leave my dark skin dripping with sweat, like running or taking long walks in the streets.

Sometimes back I used to walk through the Industrial Area, following Lunga Lunga Road from Donholm then diverging to the Enterprise Road and back to the Mombasa Road, but not before making a stop at the GM —General Motors — just to stare at the cars. And also sometimes back in Naivasha, when I stayed with my brother, used to ride a bike all the way from Naivasha town to Mt. Longonot and sometimes to Hell’s Gate — where Angelina Jolly’s Tomb Rider 2 was shot — by following the South Lake Road.

Beautiful Faith, tightly holding on her kikapu, maybe her new addition. We both know plastic bags are no longer available in Kenya

Her name is Faith. A 21–year–old student at the Kenya Utalii College in Nairobi. She has a fully registered Travel Agency Fun Team Adventures that’s already running as I’m writing this, with a couple of other awesome outdoor activities for fun lovers. She has a very responsive team — motivated guys full of life and hungry for fun.

So in the course of our interaction, learning about one another, what we do in our free time, of course me proudly telling her about Madekesiworld, my blog, she brought up the idea of hiking and after some minutes of patiently explaining, I was ready for my first hike. The event comes on 28th of this month and it will take place at Mt. Longonot in Naivasha, Nakuru County in the Great Rift-Valley. Maybe this is my chance to reach the Crater.

As you can see on the screenshot above, already confirmed I’m going

Let me go and see what Faith and her team of Fun Team Adventures have in store for us. Maybe at the end of the day I will fall in love with it. You too out there is welcome. Come and try it out with a fellow amateur. Professionals are invited too, we might learn a thing or two from you.

For more you can click the above link, to reach FUN TEAM ADVENTURES.

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