In loving memory of my late sister

Today thought I should post this crooked poem I wrote two years ago on 28th June 2015 after the sudden death of my dear sister, Naomi.

She was to graduate that December from the University of Nairobi, Kenya Science Campus. It was painful, but we moved on and now all I’m trying to do by posting this dirge, or whatever it’s, is just to celebrate her for another day. To remind all of you in my little world, that as much as we are smiling, we have lost too. Life is not easy, but no one promised it would be!

Rest in peace dear sister, I still miss you. I’m still celebrating you.

(It’s not in pure English but a mixture of Swahili and sheng’, Kenyan street slang. Hope you won’t mind).

Above, Naomi dribbling a football. She was the team captain at the Campus


Ataishi, ataishi ka google ilikuwa right

Ka ni cholera, Naomi ni strong ata’fight

Najiongelesha nikienda clinic, walking thru the rain

No one, only the rain could feel my pain

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

Kuingia clinic, kwa taabu akainuka kuketi on that sick bench

Miguuni kuna navy blue bucket with a foul stench

Nikaketi kando yake, my left hand on her knee

She wasn’t alone, she had beautiful company

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

Jenty, doctor anasema nini?

Kwani lab test inatoka lini?

Anasema tusilale naye kwenye nyumba

Nikaomba, case ishakuwa ya Muumba

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

Ndani ya taxi tukajipata jam, mnyororo wa magari

Pace ni ile ya snail, Afrika akuna hurry

Hatufiki Mama Lucy? Lini tutatoka hii cursed Outer-Ring Road?

Mgonjwa amezidiwa, mara joto, baridi, mara muscle pull
Tufanye nini Lord?

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

Ningekuwa na uwezo, boy mapena ninge’call flying doctors

But I’m just a poor young man Only dreams to his name
Hustling like mama taught us

Labda ambulance inge’attract attention ya hao polisi walikuwa so busy

Nairobi kuwa road on a rainy Friday evening not easy

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

Eventually we made it to the hospital, shoes full of mud

Hadi sai bado nakumbuka iyo reception, so bad

Like thirty minutes so confused, who cares

Valentine was right, pale kila mtu na his own affairs

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

Finally tukamueka on that only vacant bed

Some rickety structure, canvas–made

Remember that image, blue pair of jeans and a grey hoodie

Last time I saw her alive, she looked so beautiful

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

Hiyo harufu ya disinfectant as the nurse sprayed our street shoes

Assuring us she’ll be ok we brought her on time, how come tukam’lose

Nikimtumia hiyo “quick recovery” text, seemed alive

Naomi looked like she could survive

Nilidhani atamek, I was wrong

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