Poor Kenya (She doesn’t deserve all these)


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Photo by Git Stephen Gitau on Pexels.com

Everyone is so angry. We are all running bazerk. Chanting on the left, crying on the right. Noise everywhere you try to turn, and I’m yet to mention the gun sound and the confusion that comes with it.

Wait a minute, whats going on?

Oh I almost forgot, it’s 2017, the year of madness in Kenya. Politics still running shit. We still have Uhuru Kenyatta and his supporters on the other side maintaining his stance and Raila Odinga with his followers on the other, still pushing hard. My only hope is that at the end of the day the only victor will be us Kenyans.

This year alone we’ve witnessed stuff that many people in countries around the globe can only imagine and the crazy part is that it seems it’s only getting started. And Glory be to the Most High if I’m still alive, able to write you guys this because in this madness, we’ve lost people. We’ve lost good people. Both young old, and even babies — if you can still recall baby Samantha of Kisumu — have been wounded and the unlucky ones are already six feet deep in known and unknown graves. We have guys crying in hospital beds with bullets lodged in their buttocks and other crazy body parts.

Most of the victims are just innocent people caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s sad. I feel like crying but I can’t, that has never been me. Always trying to act tough like Okongwo, that character in the late Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. In fact the last time I remember crying, is when my late sister Naomi passed on in 2015. Maybe one day history will call all these collateral damage, but I would prefer martyrs instead.

And for the first time since I was born I’ve seen even Luhya leaders coming out to talk in one voice — for something other than their stomachs — against atrocities that have been committed against the Mulembe people and their neighbours in parts of Kawangware in Nairobi, Bungoma and Busia Counties. Police being the culprits for using live bullets on unarmed civilians and excessive force. In Kawangware it’s alleged that the infamous Mungiki was behind the mayhem.

And it’s not just Luhya leaders, various individuals, groups and stakeholders have come forward to make their voices heard. Just yesterday I was reading rapper Octopizzo’s Facebook post in which he is blaming other artists for remaining mum while Kenyans are being killed by incompetent police. Apart from the fact that he’s using the opportunity to try to reclaim his fans that have been grabbed by Khaligragh Jones and Rabbit, and also trying to push his recent song, “Sing Along”, he’s right.

Artists have a very huge part to play in the society affairs. They have a voice and it should be used to highlight various challenges that people, who are their fans are facing. Like now, they should be speaking up against the butchering of innocent Kenyans by the police and the alleged state mafia. Think of it as giving back to the society!

Meanwhile as we watch in disbelief the inflation of numbers in the highly ridiculed 26th presidential election, we are still wondering what Raila is going to tell the Nation on his “way forward” tomorrow. And we are still trying to figure out all this NRM (Nasa Resistance movement) that everyone is talking about. In Social places you will here names like that of Thomas Sankara, the Burkina Faso revolutionary popping up. Crazy, right?

The chronicles continue. Always new twists and turns. I pity my poor Kenya but one day it will be alright, just hold on a little longer.

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