Take risks for the right people

Life, just like entrepreneurship, is about taking risks. Taking risks for people — the right people — and to get various things that are vital.

As far as I can recall I’ve always been told at home, at school to sometimes take risks. You want something much? Go for it! Take a risk. It’s okay, most of the time is worth it. Especially if you are doing it for the right reasons, for the right people. Go ahead and do it, without even thinking twice if it’s to save the life of a loved one or to get stuff for someone special like yourself.

As you take the risk, don’t ignore that small voice of reason whispering somewhere within you to be cautious. Even in entrepreneurship you are asked to take a risk, but a moderate one.

But the reason I’m writing this post is to tell people like me, who just can’t stop taking risks for the wrong reasons, for the wrong things and above all, for the wrong people. Those naive and selfish people who are willing to die for people who don’t even care about them at all while they will do absolutely nothing for those who have always stood by them no matter the weather, sunshine, rain or snow.

Someone has been with you in hunger, in sickness and when you were as broke as a joke, still dreaming with nothing real, and you don’t appreciate them. You leave such a special person for someone who will never lose sleep because you have contracted cholera or even the deadly ebola virus that recently hit West Africa. You get involved in an accident, lose your limbs and she takes off even before you are discharged from the hospital.

Your own parent back home is malnourished, dying of hunger and you are here in the City living lavishly, spending ridiculous amount of money on whores.

There are people I know that are living like kings here in Nairobi and their families back home in the country side are living like paupers. Their children are living of begging. Educating their City wives’ bastards while their own blood kids are out of school for luck of school fees.

Not here to lecture anyone because I’m not good at that shit at all, or scare anyone, just saying we — starting with me — should start reconsidering who and what is important in our lives. Life is way too short to waste it with the wrong people or chasing the wrong things. Open your eyes before it’s too late.

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