The voiceless others in your blog

Early today I was reading a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, Ritu, but I smile anyway, entitled “What kind of blogger are you?” It had me thinking, and I had to reflect on the crazy events of the other day.

I did a very good post (in my opinion of course 😀😀😀) but which didn’t go down that well with someone dear to me. Unfortunately I had to pull it down — not really pull it down, but hid it under my private posts with the hope that one day, maybe she will see it from another perspective and even let me share it.

You see, sometimes I find myself writing posts without even thinking about its consequences, the harm it might do to others. And I know this is what most bloggers are known for, which sometimes I too wish was known for (kidding. Who wants to die early? 😱). It might resonate well with a certain demographic but not with another.

Some people will find it irritating, mean, biased and inconsiderate. They will hate you and even go to the extent of unsubscribing or swear never to read your stuff again. I know to some it doesn’t matter much, especially if the reader is someone you are not even sure they exist. Maybe it’s a reader from Cambodia, Malawi, Iran, Chile or even North Korea and not your countryman.

Took this photo in Nairobi, Heile Selassie avenue last month. Will these people, especially the woman bearing a heavy load ever know they exist in my blog? And if they do, how will they react?

But it does matter if it’s someone close to you like a family member, a friend or even a neighbor. These are the last people you should ever hurt knowingly.

And so after writing that post, I asked my girlfriend to read it first, and if she had any problem with it at all to let me know, which she did (Did I really believe she wouldn’t find anything?) After reading the post she was disappointed of course. Pointed out to me a few things —actually a lot of things — she would appreciate if I left them out of the post and even going ahead to ask me:

“Is it necessary to write about your personal life?”

Since most of the things on her list was what made up the storyline, basically like the post itself was anchored on it, I had to pull it down altogether and not just delete some things. I felt angry but had to do it. I had to do it for her.

This brings me to the point I wanted to drive home. It’s more of a question, just like Ritu’s. To my fellow bloggers, keyboard and camera kings and queens, do you ever think about that other voiceless human being while writing that blog?

I know we are here to entertain, educate, learn, inform, highlight, demonstrate, motivate, socialize, bust, love, like, follow and get followed, introduce et cetera. But as we do all these, let’s be humane about it. Try to be rational, understanding and compassionate.

If someone you allegedly hurt, knowingly or not, reaches to you politely, consider them. Listen to their query with a sound mind, like the Safaricom telecommunication company customer care ( sad they’re likely to be jobless soon if Nasa doesn’t relent in their boycott. It will be a shame for such a big company to close shop, but we’ve seen giants fall). You may disagree at first but at last I’m sure you will come to a consensus. Sometimes in life, you have to disagree to agree. Compromise to come to an understanding.

Always be as objective as humanly possible — and this one here is for me personally. Sometimes I put feelings above reason and end up losing the bigger picture, the essence of blogging. At the end of the day we’re just one big human family, aren’t we?

Hopefully this one, she won’t hate it. Crazy life! 😊 👋

7 thoughts on “The voiceless others in your blog

  1. I like this one. I wish my husband cared about anything I did. Then he would see the pain in my writings. But……he’ll never know because he’ll never care. Oh well.

    Really good post. You’re a sweetheart and considerate of your girlfriend’s feelings.

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    1. Not really. Even if you have a handful of followers, you still have your friends and family who might never admit they go through your posts but they do. Well, you have to think about all of them before you press “publish”.

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