As a country, we are not okay

I told you, didn’t I?

This country is twisted!

We are all insane, stop pretending

Stop telling me we are okay

We are not!

If you believe we are okay, then
Why the double standards among our leaders?

Why the tribal hate?

Why secession talk?

I can’t stand you, so I want out

Why is that?

Why are you celebrating while your next door neighbour is mourning?

We are scared, not sure if we will wake up the next morning

Talk of vigilantes in the air and the police,

Ain’t scared to shoot

Shoot to kill, why not?

No one is going to charge you

They were criminal elements purporting to be protestors

On TV, lies on the lips of the boss

The host is careful not to cross,

The government’s mouthpiece

The media is divided too, we no longer watch news

We just read tweets and Facebook posts

The mind loves uncensored shit, right?

Too much info, information is power, right?

Gag the mainstream, I go social

We go International if you ban local

That’s just the way it is, long live the internet

Long live Facebook and Twitter, and you tube…

Are you still insisting we are okay?

That Kenya is united and there’s no division?

We are all celebrating the supreme Court’s decision?


Why is Nasa threatening to swear in Raila on Tuesday?

That same day Uhuru Kenyatta is being sworn in?

Two presidents!

Two presidents in one country?

Have you thought about that?

Of course not, so let me tell you

In case it happens, it’s going to be chaotic

Something ugly like South Sudan

Do you see the picture?

I know you are intelligent, you went to school

You can read my twisted words

And so you can understand what I’m trying to say

Doesn’t matter from which side of the divide you are from

Western, Coast, Central, Rift-Valley, Eastern or North Eastern Kenya

Doesn’t matter your tribe,

Mijikenda, Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Kamba, Somali, Indian, Teso, whatever

Male, female or the “other”

Dark, brown, white or both (some slay Queens)

Rich or poor

Blue color or white color

We are not OKAY

This country is twisted, everything is loose

And if something is not done fast, we all lose

Unless you are a dual-citizen like Roseline Akombe and a few other lucky ones

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