The other Kenyan

Here coiled on this couch, in my sister’s living room,

Watching who and who, in and outside Kenya arrive in gloom,

Another V8 just pulled up on the red carpet,

Steps out a head of state from this failed state and his pretty pet.


Around the stadium you can just feel the air of happiness,

Men and women, mostly from the other divide who careless,

They’ve the last laugh, it’s their son’s inauguration,

Middle finger to the “others”, who cares about integration.


I hear sirens, it’s the president-elect’s motorcade,

On the other side at Doniholm no passage, police barricade,

Who cares about your dead friends and family folk,

My eyes already smarting from the teargas smoke.


Choppers in the air looking for sight of demonstrators,

Bonfires, water cannons and police after perpetrators,

Who ferried dirt from Dandora dumpsite to Jacaranda grounds?

Police beating Kenyans, why are they firing them rounds?


No one, no one is gonna interrupt this important day,

We have important visitors in the country, hold them at bay,

No TV is airing, so no one is gonna know watsup,

But they are all imbeciles, don’t know God is up.


He never sleeps, listens to the cries of the voiceless,

The other Kenyan, He knows the plans and face of the faceless,

Whatever goes around comes back around, a day will come,

The voice of the other Kenyan will be heard, son keep calm.

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