Trust (not just a five letter word)

Trust, used to think it’s just another word,

Till I met this beautiful girl from another world,

Who believes it’s everything in a relationship, now she hates me,

Babe how in the world can we be together if you can’t trust me?

Wait a minute babe, thought it means I care,

Come on don’t leave me now, it is not fair,

Thought I was protecting her, all she saw was being over–protective,

She said I’m insecure, and for a guy that’s totally unattractive.

How was I to know, raised by mama dad missing so no one to teach me,

Had to dress and feed us, no time to teach me how to be a man so it’s just me,

No one could help me, not even Ben Cusson’s,

Motivation after the world came in, with it’s many lessons.

Now I’m here, between a rock and a hard place,

Trying to tell her still want her back without losing face,

To family and friends, she made me happy you know,

Her smile alone made my day, but now she says NO.

She’s done with me because she feels suffocated,

I don’t get it, why is love this complicated?

Have so many questions but can’t ask, worsen the situation,

Last time said I question everything, not another question.

Now I’m just here, on my blog keeping myself busy,

A friend advised me another girl will come, take it easy,

Everything with a beginning will have an end,

Mend what you can, let go what you can’t mend.

Life is way too short to give NO CONTACT RULE a day,

Going shopping new sneakers, book Masai Mara today,

Watch the Big Five whole day, I know it will be alright,

She comes back or doesn’t, still life will go on right?

Before I go word of advice to readers, don’t underestimate TRUST,

If you love her as much as I do, believe her even if she doesn’t tell first,

I know the world is twisted but not every girl is a question, some are answers,

Maybe it’s too late for me not for you, make her smile and think not of others.

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