Farewell if you still insist

I can’t have it

I can’t have it

I can have it no more,

Nataka kulia but no tears

Ain’t alright, man don’t feel normal;

Screaming but no sound coming

Maybe it’s all a bad dream,

Will wake up and find you by my side

Still smiling and how beautiful you look, ata light dim;

Ka ni photo, iyo ni 1000 likes

Babe, can you feel my heart hurting?


Maybe you would hear me calling;

If only telepathy was real!

Sympathy won’t make it heal

I wanna see you, again

Wanna talk to you, again

I wanna hold you, again

Again, again, again and again

Lost myself into you, now look at me can’t find my way out,

Trusted you with the only light, now gropping my way out;

Maybe I should start living with no care

Because now I feel like this life isn’t fair

But tell me, who promised it would be,

Farewell if you still insist, back to my hobby

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