Did they have to die?



Watching the sad events at the City Mortuary as they unveil,

Headline reads Post Poll Violence Victims, somber moods in black veils,

I see a small casket of seven year old Mutinda, what a predicament?

Shot and killed as he played on the balcony of their apartment.


Sad not because he lived just a stone throw away from where I live,

But because he was just an innocent kid like my nephew, deserved to live,

Beside him dozens of others, fellow young men in their prime,

Victims of trigger-happy cops, demonstrating was their crime.


A job well done, the president in his speech congratulates the police,

Dear friends tell me honestly, after that what can you tell the police?

One mourner asked why the names sounded like they were just from one region,

In a metropolitan city you expect a combination, at least one stray bullet from other region.


Was it really necessary, did all  those people have to die?

Don’t tell me collateral damage, would be an outright lie,

Some blame it on politics, but politics has always been there from day one,

Will always be there so no blood has to be shed, just for one to prove he won.


A family is mourning, to them the deceased mattered you know,

To the world he was just a nobody, no one will lose sleep you know,

Just another idiot in front of the gun nozzle, survival chances slim,

But he died in what he believed in, can’t take that away from him.


Everyone is gonna respect the shooter, but the one in front of the gun lives forever,

A kamikaze willing to practice Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics, who doesn’t want to live forever?

On light note though, trying to clear the disturbing images from my mind,

Take another sleeping pill go to sleep, hope to wake up with all these behind.


Pray never hear the sad tell of another uncle who has just lost a nephew,

In a struggle he know nothing of in the safety of his home, a sort of curfew,

Pray another mother never goes through such pain,

Losing a child you struggled to raise, and all in vain.


Wish the whole country will agree with me, brutal murder of countrymen is wrong,

Politics aside just out of undugu, brothers and sisters in a country we all belong,

Looking at those coffins being displayed, for once wish I was  a junkie go get high,

A fix and I forget all about it but just ask yourself, did all those people have to die?













































3 thoughts on “Did they have to die?

  1. That was an amazing poem man. I’m getting lost in the flood of emotions that come with images of bullshit, politics, controversy, and prejudice. The onslaught of torture in our streets from not only bad guys but the ones that are supposed to be good as well. Thanks for letting me read it.

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