Everyone promises forever


Just love me the best way you can, promise nothing,

I know you have good intentions, your voice soothing,

But unless you wanna be a slave to your own word,

Babe I beg you, please don’t promise me the world.


Don’t say you will die with me like Romeo and Juliet, you won’t,

Soon as I’m down six feet in cold earth, you’ll be creating another bond,

Promising forever in a moment of passion with another lover,

And the he-got will be smiling like he just made it through lava.


Let’s just go with the flow, like the River Nile,

One step at a time, soon will cover another mile,

Let what was meant to happen, happen,

Force not what was never meant to happen.


Looks are deceiving, hope you ain’t in love with my face,

If so what will happen if misfortune strikes, I’m in a mess,

My looks get erased and all the outer beauty is gone,

Will you stay, with that stranger whose face is unknown?


On cold Tusker say wanna be my only, but you gone by first light,

Feel hurt babe, I was just rolling over to hold you tight,

Don’t feel like waking up, don’t wanna see another girl again,

Afraid will meet someone similar,raw wound still feel the pain.


In most trying times been together, pulled one another up,

When you were down, crying your soul out let you sleep on my lap,

Whispering in your ear that it’ll be alright, in my arms wanna hide,

Sometimes putting up with your unending ego and that pride.


Love you and you love me too, girl me and you on another level,

Beautiful and forever smiling, contented before came the devil,

With more power and money, woke up and found the world changed,

Another girl in my room, I’m either dreaming or possibly deranged.


Once beautiful life now just sour, have to be watched 24/7,

Mad at the world, now even hate anything to do with heaven,

We all promise but living up to it, entirely another matter,

Everyone promises forever, till they find someone better.

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