Let the Blackman be


Seated here in my black skin just reading Dee Lee stuff about the Blackman,

I’m left wondering what’s the fuss all about so I read on, the writer is having fun,

Making fun on her subject, that a black man hates books,

You wanna hide something from him, put it in between books.


See some harsh words being thrown around; IGNORANCE, SELFISHNESS and GREED,

Containment methods he’s using to hamper his own progress, he’ll never achieve economic equality and lead,

As long as he doesn’t want to read “their” books of enlightenment, call them magical,

Then they will forever be slaves to the Whiteman, only that simple no miracle.


Whiteman’s market, Only concerned with consuming not earning,

Spending big in strip clubs and malls, only wants fun not learning,

New shoes from the Whiteman’s store to show off to their broke folks,

They are making it in life; baby mama and white girlfriend, that’s status no jokes.


The “Talented Tenth” has done so little to help the Non-talented Ninety live better,

Maybe that explains Jay-Z’s The Story of O.J, but will listen and hate so won’t matter,

Or maybe it’s too late, the ignorance is already too deep,

The black man is already falling down, and the terrain is steep.


Personally I think she’s being too tough on Blackman, ain’t that bad,

From the unbiased eye see they’re trying, maybe just not that hard,

You might be laughing they don’t read while it’s you denying them books,

In institutions of higher learning you fail them because of their looks.


But if it’s all true, I think Blackman you can do better than crying,

Foul and always using that pathetic historical injustices by trying,

They say you are ignorant; don’t read, then read hard and prove them wrong,

They say you are greedy and selfish, stop extravagance and pull one another along.


You are welcome to invest back home in Africa, we are friendly enough ask the Chinese,

Almost overtaking America with our resources and goodwill, come in cheap with finesse,

Personally I hate them but our leaders love them, think because of cheap loans,

Maybe because they barely understand one another, during bargaining can’t lock horns.


All in all we should all just go slow on the Blackman, too much criticism will only push them behind,

If you care then a little more love will do the trick, like you they’re also humans be kind,

Whiteman if you want to make it even more; pull your countryman up, richer you’ll be,

Make him strong and successful too, if you can’t then it’s only fair you let him be.

15 thoughts on “Let the Blackman be

    1. Sure, and that’s why I’m saying if you are not ready to help him get to where you think he should be, then you should let him be! Let him figure himself out. Hahaha. Thanks so much by the way for finding time to read it and comment. Appreciated.

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