No longer followers or subscribers, just family

When I started blogging early this year, had no intention of creating this beautiful family that I’m already so proud of.

My idea was just to get an avenue of airing out my frustrations, feelings and various issues affecting my world. I just wanted to let the rest of the world know that somewhere on this globe, I exist. As minute as I might seem, I exist and just like any one of you out there, I’m struggling to stay afloat in this ocean of challenges.

And I was also aware that people out there — though I couldn’t point to anyone in particular — were making a living out of blogging and so, I too hoped that one day I will be making a living of blogging. The idea alone was just too sweet to handle. Can you imagine after only a week of opening my blog I tried signing with Adsense? On a free domain! Hahaha…

At the time I was just out of an ugly break up with my now ex – girlfriend and I couldn’t, actually didn’t feel like talking to anyone about it. Not even my sister knew what was going on in my little world. So my blog seemed like a perfect place to vent all that was in my heart. It became my friend, my refuge. It was actually like a dumb friend — at the time barely had followers — who only listens and doesn’t talk back or judge. And at the moment, that was all I needed. To be alone, and just write.

All I did was write, without caring if anyone was reading the posts at all. Just to have a feel of what I’m trying to say, read if you haven’t, some of my earlier posts such as a polygraph test for my next girl.

In the photos you can see my sister. In the one above taken in 2015 she had visited me at the University and in the second one she had just landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Then with time started noticing some views, few likes here and there and I was glad. Then some bloggers started following and I followed back some, read their posts too and that was just it. I saw all those people who stumbled upon Madekesiworld as just people like me, grappling with their own issues; health, love, family, work, money, school, politics, tribalism, racism, terrorism, you name it.

To me, all of you were just faceless people who I knew would probably die without ever meeting. I saw all of you, beautiful ladies and gentlemen as just followers and subscribers, nothing more.

It was until recently when I started paying very close attention to my blog and the blogging community that I saw total transformation of my thinking, way I viewed blogging. I started taking time to just go through other bloggers stuff and appreciate with total honesty. A like here and a comment there. Look at somebody’s link as I wait for some feedback has become a routine that I’m not getting tired of anytime soon.

You just never know how much pain, anger, cruelty, love, fun, friendship, beauty, talent, honesty, intelligence, bravery, food recipes, history is out there until you start paying attention to what other bloggers are doing!

Nowadays I read a sad post from one of you, and I find myself shedding a tear or two. I comment just to let you know I hear you, it’ll be alright. You are not alone. Or find myself grinning like a green gecko whenever I come across a hilarious post. Sometimes I laugh until I just look stupid. Or just start yawning when I see an appetizing delicacy from those many food bloggers I follow. On another day just gasp at this breath – taking photo of some place I will never visit from a travel blogger.

I’m always learning from all of you. On daily basis you are teaching me something new. Something I even never knew existed. New cities, new trees, new foods, new medicines, new hobbies, new languages, new tribes, new diseases, new fashion, new technology, new music genres, new poetry, new university et cetera, et cetera.

Guys like Ritu of butismileanyway, Brandon Knoll of ChaoticshapesUltimatetravel and B of Aphorisms have been with me from day one and have seen me grow and I just love you. And not just them, I have an endless list. All of you. Just wish I could figure out where this Indian girl, Namrata of wordskeeprambling disappeared to. I never stopped looking. She told me she was in her third year, taking Civil Engineering. Just loved the way she blogged issues from her world, terrorism. All in all, hope she’s alright and doing fine. That’s life. Along the way, we lose and gain some.

In you I’ve found friends, comrades, colleagues, crushes, workmates, guardians, teachers, brothers and sisters, parents and in short in you I’ve found family. Family I never dreamed of. And I love you.

Hope one day to have enough money that when you invite me for any occasion, any ceremony — graduation, wedding, funeral, baby shower, birthday or just hanging out — from any part of the world, I loyally show up without failure. For family you always make time, right?

​Until next time, nice time fam.

38 thoughts on “No longer followers or subscribers, just family

  1. Damn! What an incredible journey it has been for you this far but content is key and your content is what always brings people back because it’s legit. 👏👏

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  2. Well said Lazarus. I could not agree more with you about the WordPress community. It has been so far a beautiful journey meeting amazing, thoughtful and creative bloggers. Very inspiring. I am happy to discover your blog and to connect with you. Can’t wait to get to know you better. -Dominique
    Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year

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  3. Great post, Lazarus! You have described my feelings about the “blogging community” beautifully! When I first started my blog last year I had no idea of all the wonderful people I would “meet” on WordPress!
    Best wishes, Debra

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