The Daydreamer


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It’s not bad up here in the skies ah, my village smaller by each day,

Flying through the clouds, friends show me the best city I will pay,

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or Los Angeles; and Paris, heard their stories,

Mumbai or Rabat in Morocco; Ankara and Manila, heard beautiful stories.


Luxury and exotic beauty from the Airport, well swept streets and no dirt,

In April when it’s raining cats and dogs in Nairobi; watching bikini girls, want that,

Somewhere in the Caribbean, in a canoe watching the sunset,

All alone except for this beautiful Spanish tutor and her ugly pet.


Sure I do want these, show me who doesn’t want first-class life?

VVIP everywhere you go, middle finger to the hard knock life,

Just from bird watching and chasing game in Johannesburg, fishing sharks for a hobby?

My feet tired, just want a glass of champagne; check the lobby, any new message from Nairobi?


On a comfortable king-sized bed in the Hilton, after I’m well fed,

Having nightmares about that bedbug manifested rack I called bed,

Back home in that shanty we called a house, with it’s mud walls and leaking roof,

Prayed it never rain at night, skip school coz of malaria and my word only proof.


Got punished by the teacher again and again, this time River Sio is over the only bridge,

Barely ten; can’t swim in a river with crocodile tales, if only we had remained on the other ridge!

But baba had opted to take the land across the river; with jiggers, the one all my uncles didn’t want,

Maybe wanted to protect us from extended family chaos; soil red and fertile, lots of crop we could plant.


But I won’t let you, swear I won’t let you spoil all these,

All this new found life; love and peace, even if I have to say please,

I will, I want my wrists to glitter with the audemar,

Only see it in on rappers like Kendrick Lamar.


Give me the world of Cristiano Ronaldo just for a day, allow me to bring mama along,

For a moment I know she will smile and look so beautiful in that glamour, then request for that song,

The one about the fall of Idi Amin that she used to sing to us, remember back in the day,

In the afternoon under the umbrella tree, think even the birds listened only couldn’t say.


Life in the desert; let her see the world from the Burj Khalifa, “ma see the richman’s world”,

Let me see how she looks on a camel back; “watch out for the sandstorm, you are my world”,

“Are you going to sit over there staring at nothing all day? Your phone is ringing”,

Where is my laptop, pen and notebook? Must write this; O.M.G, was I daydreaming!

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