Twisted life

I see a car, in the junkyard

Brand-new, must have cost the owner a fortune

Wait, it’s being crushed

Fresh blood on the windscreen

What happened?


A woman’s once beautiful body in the morgue

Behind the stitches, peaceful face

Serene, pale petal lips

The same ones the well dressed, shaking man is pressing his against


Just the other day in the red bar

Two total strangers, in the moment

Wishing away the night, glass after glass 

Drain our sorrows in liquor, who cares

Long day at work ah

One night stand all he needed for a lifetime of love

And now he’s putting his grandma’s ring on her cold finger


A painful warm tear hits her dazzling white dress

Wants her to wake up

Wants to see her smile, just one more time

Starts shaking her, the attendant approaches

In a black suit at the cemetery, for farewell

Go well my love, but

Family only

Puts down the flowers

Dejectedly walks away, and lonely

Posted it on Instagram @madekesiworld first, before I thought about sharing it here. Hope you like it.

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