My after Christmas

After, after

The child, Jesus was born 

Yesterday, so I hear

Sunny day

Funny day

Next door, hear a scuffle 

Only the second day

“I’m going nowhere! Not leaving here!”

“Yes, you are! I don’t want you here!”

The baby is crying, between two firm hands

His brother, around five

At the door looking so scared

Only God knows why they’re fighting

Only hope, they solve it for the sake of those little innocent kids

Rarely talk, though to the woman once

Seemed nice

Send me to the shop

Was raining and had no one to help with the little one

Move on, my day just started

Own headaches, hear the old man fallen ill

Stroke or something

Last time we talked, two months ago

“Mzee nguno…”, my cousin after, 

“How’s home man?”

Hear a commanding voice on the other end, though a little frail

Age is catching up, I could feel

“It’s your father! How you guys over there?”

Always in English

Ah, daktari!

“Ooh ni baba. We’re fine, thank you.”


“Ee niko na namba yako bado.”

Okay, so the old man has my number!

“Sawa, have yours too! Will call sometimes.” I had to say something


Would it be different?
If he had stayed home more, or drank less or not married her?

Don’t be surprised

Sometimes I think about it, especially when alone
Like now

Watching soccer with these crazy friends

So funny

Manchester United playing against Burnley, hope they win

Tottenham Hotspur just won against Southampton

But my head far away

My heart still with someone else

Maybe I should just go back, get on bed and watch that movie

What will happen if one day we wake up


No electricity, life back to stone age

No internet, no more blogging
This beautiful girl is crying by her step ma’s graveside

First her real mother, father and now her step ma

Everyone she loves leaves

Except me

Ain’t leaving until the final season

Last episode

Let me leave this club

I’m leaving, though for the right reason

Just hope your after Christmas is better than mine

Christmas day in pictures at the Two Rivers

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