Cold War Love

What’s the meaning

What’s the meaning of all that?

Is as clear as the Coastal sky

Your point babe

Already taken home

Understand you got a new guy, his skin no much difference from mine

Too short though, but ain’t a limitation I’m sure

Just that you used to say short guys aren’t your type, but preferences can change, can’t they?

Sure by now already told him how you love dwarfs

Just to boost his ego, I know you

I know you girl

You are brilliant, on a number of times told you that

Know him,

Not too long ago

You introduced us, remember? That night, the nocturnal one headed home after a long day

My bag weighing me down with the computer, notebooks and the day’s sales

Trying to earn a living you know

You needed rent and food too

And everything

Barely out of college myself, and you know the Kenyan economy

Some blame it on the elongated electioneering period we’ve had, and which Raila and his Nasa team say it’s not over

Not yet

Salon money, your hair in bad shape

So you say

Though I disagree, love it that way

Looks funny on you, with this air of enchantment

Something like lolachel, that model I follow on Instagram

She’s beautiful, easy with the eye

Sounds like someone I know

Anyway I’m too busy

All alone and my head full with posts that need to be written

Books that need to be read

Trying to gain some love over the blogosphere too, creating new family

I knew you were jealous about that especially, but told you

No need to be, I’m loyal

You were my main girl

No one could take your place, wanted to introduce you to mama

What I consider a privilege no girl has ever had

Have a vision babe, told you that

No time for tours like you wanted

Thought you could understand, but once again I was wrong

You were just a traveler passing through Madekesiworld, a little stop and then you were gone

Wish I had NO TRESPASSING sign, but wouldn’t have made a difference

With your innocent face, still would’ve let you in

Wanted to keep you so much, till I realized was a mission in futility

A wilding

You couldn’t be domesticated, but once again that wasn’t my intention

Not at all

My girl in a cage? Nah

You’re a free girl, always encouraged you to fly

Go on

Fly girl, fly

Your face belongs on the front cover of magazines

Maybe I’m to blame, much freedom I gave you

Anything you asked for so long as was within my reach

Did you meet him in one of those photo shoots?

That’s not my stuff, you knew that

Still believe selfies were made for girls

Mama no more and papa ran away, more of an orphan

Sensitive spot, once wrote about her and that morning you were so mad at me

Was just a song, I apologized

I understand the pressure, can’t judge you

Nowadays the world is filled with lots of your kind

Barely women, and the whole village is looking up to you

Cruel family, care less if you go hungry or homeless

Hit the streets and become an urchin or a harlot, get an office somewhere in Koinange Street

Nairobi streets, full of vultures and hyenas

It’s sad but what can we do?

Fallen in love, again?

Happy for you, try to keep him

Know it’s not fair, it’s like asking you to move Mt. Kenya

From Central to Western Kenya

Or just wanted to make an old boy jealous, his girl moving on fast


A selfie near a swimming pool in this motel, what was the name again?

Beside your troubled self, see a silhouette of your dread-locked “king”


But I don’t feel mad, funny right?

That’s not me! Have I grown up that fast

Even mama will be amazed for sure!

The old me would have done worse than a hurricane, the house would be a shell I tell you

I would’ve left a dozen messages and called till the phone battery was dead

Made sure no one gets sleep, not my neighbors and especially not you or your friends

Blocked by now, would be, I’m sure

I know you girl, a little bit

But who can blame me? Who really knows a woman’s heart

Only God


Maybe God

It’s both beautiful and ugly with tons of secrets hidden behind a disarming and a hard to resist smile

Wish they saw you, mean your smile

First fall in love with it, it’s out of this world must say

But now why are you trying so hard

To make me jealous

What’s the meaning, if you’re really happy

If he’s all you ever wanted in a man

Why all those photos everywhere I turn, the other night thought about blocking you

Sometimes I laugh, it’s childish

See I’m just concentrating on my stuff, and you kinda distracting me now

It’s not fair

But ironically, you’ve given me something to write about too

Think of it as me making a lemonade from the life lemons

Only that I won’t be ranting as much as I did in the past, with the one before you

The other crazy one

She was my first heart-breaker, funny we talking nowadays

Hard to believe but tell me what’s impossible under the sun

Anyway that’s enough for one day
But before I go, gotta tell you something

I know you’ll read this, you always do

If you don’t care about me anymore like you’ll like the world to believe, stop all this childish stunts

For both our sake, just a wastage of positive energy

Not healthy

Who needs a cold war in love anyway?

I’ll fight for you, but I’m never fighting over you

Let us just say I’ve grown up

Happy New Year though, and a prosperous 2018

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