Hours to the finish line

What’s happening in my head right now,

  I’m thinking about them

Thinking of us; 

  you, me and even those who lost ’cause of fame

I know people who won’t see 2018 ’cause of shame,

  on the table hurriedly scribbled suicide note

Seen people who will be making it across the line all alone,

  everyone left after they started living lives they’re not.

An extraordinary year it has been for fellow Kenyans,

  politically speaking

Seen the worst in us as a people but we’ll be alright,

  hopefully speaking

All around the world seen struggles,

   not just us

Terrorism everywhere;Muslim?

   to the US no pass.

The world still mourning with Europe,

  horrific pictures no longer from middle east

West Africa Boko Haram and East Africa Al Shabaab not just ISIS,

  victims many to list

World leaders still playing politics and people are dying,

  superiority war

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump chest-thumping behind Nuks,

   to me terrorism only foe.

​But as I look at the cheap plastic thing on my wrist I call a watch,

  know we’ve sang victory songs too

Heard ululations from Zimbabwe when Mugabe fall,

  some freed Chibok girls great news too

The US offensive against Al Shabaab in Somalia to help AMISOM,

  encouraging news

Not to blow my own trumpet but have great news too,

  on my blog seen increased views.

Have my own new year’s resolutions,

  I know you’ve yours too

Following ’em through always my problem,

  this time try to stay true

Looking in the mirror more often part of the plan,

  in there lies the only key to my success story

Done with blaming others and crying foul,

  no time to sit and feel sorry.

Understand I’m among the lucky ones,

  this far glory to God

Blessed too if reading you made it through,

  been a tough road

All the best in the coming year my dear friend,

  was great knowing you

As we count the hours to the finish line, 

  may 2018 favour you.​

#Happy New Year




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