The End

Through that hazy vision of my night and day dreams, swear seen the end

Of this insidious poetic life I’ve bestowed upon myself, trying to mend

Broken hearts of both young and old lovers, with twisted words

Hoping I would magically heal the ailing, bridge worlds

Far away lands with people just like me, writers of their own destiny

Beautiful and brave souls going against the grain, the colony

Loyally poring over my nefarious posts, twisted poems

Of my complicated love and family life, childhood dreams

Through painful words and unexpurgated pictures, gave the world the naked me

Some loved and some hated in equal measure, but I was just doing me

While they called me atrocious, called myself an acumen writer

Mindful of my characters, wrote of them with love and lighter

Heart; in between the lines only unadulterated stuff, the masses gave me fame

A spade was just a spade and red was just red, on steel hearts wrote my name

In cities around the world crowds gathered for autographs, love in air

My living portraits decorating rich homes, passed on from heir to heir

And can’t complain; decent life I’m living, honest wealth purely from credit

Hope mama will be alive; if not I’ll walk to her grave and whisper, mama see I made it


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