HIV Theory

Must be the the devil after our souls, never seen such a disease

Some blamed God, did you see pain at the time of his decease?

Maybe all along God was innocent, He never meant to destroy humanity

True; man deserves sort of poetic justice, but He’s a God of humility

What if HIV was a virus created by some sick scientist somewhere in some lab, maybe experimental

Got out of control or some unscrupulous people took over and turned into a weapon, detrimental

Get rid of these poor people and create a super government, only hybrids

Doctor get us something that’ll ravenously feed on human population, daily breeds

Any price just say, cogent enough forgets ethics

From God asks forgiveness, falls for their gimmicks

Something governable like North Korea, just few with privileges

An antidote only for the chosen, tell me isn’t that pure sacrilege?

Human life is inviolable but they don’t get it, it’s just business

Blasphemy; playing god, more money, power then greatness

Here in Sub-Sahara and larger Africa dreaming about the cure, for our ‘loved people

Reminiscing about the good old days, before the virus killed all those beautiful people

Now left with only graveyards and anniversaries, dark cloud

Orphanages and asylums for the traumatized, can’t get out

Enslaved in their own skins, put ’em in Sahara or Kalahari and ‘ll still miss the sun

Shedding tears for love in a nonchalant society, of them daily makes fun

No one cares about your loss, why didn’t you use protection?

Should’ve been careful, now watch it before you infect whole Nation

Statistics say we making progress, rich Nations cashing in

On ARVs and other loathsome drugs, this world is so mean

My only prayer, remains just a HIV wild theory

Must be a conspiracy, maybe a theory

To me it’s just a life and death story

11 thoughts on “HIV Theory

  1. I have been a carrier of HIV for the past 2 years now my life was down totally I taught s never gone be a cure that am taking it to the grave. The whole story changed when I saw a testimony of How Dr Olori cured a Lady for Herpes so I said to my self let me give a try as far there is life theres hope so I contacted him and he actually prescribed some medication for me which I took for 2 weeks and after I went to my doctor for a test as instructed, to my greatest surprise it turned out negative, I was overwhelmed with joy and I quickly take the news to him. So I said I must share this story of my life as I promised.

    Do not hesitate Contact Dr Olori if you suffering from any infection or diseases via call or What’s app +2349053311935 email


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