Marry Indian Girl

In love with her but, she’s an Indian girl

Say can’t marry her, she’s an Indian girl 

Only the heavens can describe her beauty, it’s nothing but perfection 

Only a mermaid can rival her body shape, character need no correction 

Want to know her eyes, just look at the stars 

Skin so perfect; no single blemish, has no scars.


Studying for end semester exams in the library, was when we met

In Uhuru Park; later on watched basketball at Railways club, first date

And how beautiful she looked in that dress, a blue sari

Smiling at every stranger, baking sun but ‘king with no hurry.


Feeling ecstatic by the pool, with childish fervor throwing stones in the water

Told me she feels as free as a swallow away from that house, the only daughter 

Her folks say she has to marry this stranger back in India

Never met before, only seen his photos through social media.


I love you babe, after graduation together let’s run away 

Love you too, but maybe we should just let fate have its way 

Deep inside I’m scared, though her words enticing 

Boy you’re mine forever, presumptuously states; rising.

Call it a day, orange sun warning Nairobi city from the West

Got her in a matatu for home in South C, no Uber but this’ the best 

On my way home pondering over everything, is this idea really benevolent

My heart heavy, from a distance feel a headache, the future looks ambivalent.


Want to marry this Indian girl, in love with her

Afraid of her culture, will it allow this love get far

Wish her family was colorblind, told me sometimes her friends mock her

Saw the way her mum looked at me, watched as she was dragged into the car.


Timothy Khamali from a village in Western Kenya and Sarika Patel did it, didn’t they? 

Back in 2007 Clement Olunga and Harpreet Syan did it, didn’t they?

Kisumu East MP Shakeel Shabbir happily married to a luhya, why can’t I marry an Indian girl? 

I will marry when I want, who I want; hopefully she will be my beautiful Indian girl.



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