The Betting Menace (Sportpesa, Betway, Betin, …) 


A man wakes up in the morning, checks phone for a CONGRATULATIONS message 

A kid just stolen mama’s dinner money; goes out to gamble, mama’s out for a massage 

His classmates are studying for the exam, all day he’s on his phone betting 

The neighbors store nowadays with empty shelves; rumors, the man is betting.


You will confuse the place for Nairobi stock exchange, receipts in hand and eyes glued on the large screens

Just passed a blue-yellow Betin betting shop full of “investors”, from grandfather’s down to teens

A dozen of them in every street, beautiful girls behind the well-polished counter

Here no bank or mobile transactions needed, just place your cash on those counter.


In the next minute a brother is hoping to get rich, call it betting

The roots already deep, can’t get out, maybe the government should try vetting 

A long queue at the cyber cafe, inside nothing only betting sites on the windows

Booming business for the owner, those with personal computers do it indoors.


Even those who never stepped in class suddenly experts in statistics, how they brilliantly analyzes the jackpot 

Talk of teams you had never heard of from Europe to Oceania, sleepless nights over the Sportpesa mega jackpot 

Imagining the tours they’ll make and stuff they will buy with the millions; women, champagne and parties 

Swore to paint the town red for a day, funny because some are already in their late fifties and sixties.


Not ambitious enough if you ain’t betting; had this girl who told me that once, was funny 

All the boys she meets are doing it, some already promised her the sky if they win the money

Waited for a promised trip to Seychelles that never came, supposed to happen last December 

The guy said he lost all the savings, gambled all of it in the last minute and says can’t remember.


How it all happened, contemplated committing suicide like that school boy

Last year all over the news; his single mother’s sacrifice, makes it will be her joy

Placed all of his school fees with hope of a million, what a fool

The gambling house always wins, wasn’t he aware of the casino rule?


 With faces of football stars like Wanyama of Tottenham on betting billboards, who can blame them

Many of the City’s billboards all about betting, mainstream media giving ’em airtime with no shame

Recently Sportpesa holding National football hostage, they’ve suckle down the poor and now rich

Can even afford to sponsor English Premier League teams, places where our own players rarely reach.


I know it’s the case of willing seller and willing buyer, still it needs some sanity

If a whole man can resign from employment to bet then must be serious, call it insanity

Satanism or any other name you prefer, still won’t change this reality; do something stop talking 

The government should wake up from slumber, day dreaming about the opposition and start working.

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