I know you always had a dream, told me

Promised to stand with you, like you stood by me 

You were born a star, always told you that

In those lyrics, every line from my heart.


Front cover of power magazine, it’s your face

Rolling with the mighty in society, your pace

Soon won’t be able to keep up, have a feeling 

On the red carpet with Nyong’o, touching the ceiling. 


Rich and famous, nowadays living in the sky

Your dreams came true, now the bar too high

Used to be the only one in love with you, now the whole world in love with you 

Boys from every corner of the world wet dreaming, spend the whole day daydreaming about you. 

I’m drowning in envy, my eyes green 

Choking on jealousy, so I drown in gin

Each night you didn’t come back; beer or local liquor, anything that’ll help drain my sorrow

Watching you on live TV from across the world, wondering if you’ll make it home ‘morrow.


 Hope you make it this time, tired      of hearing sorry

Each time you turn up late, another lame story

My loyal consort, miss them days when we were just us

Us against the world, we should maybe fly to Mars.


Everything was beautiful before the red carpets and all the glamor, fame

The house empty; everything looking eccentric, life no longer the same

With each setting sun we becoming strangers, acclimating to convoluted lifestyle 

Relationship deteriorating, soon making up will be an Egypt trip by the Nile.


You see why I never wanted you to be famous, now you lost

Fallen for these fakes, but you know who loves you the most

Who believed in you when no one else did, now you have a new circle of friends 

I can’t fit in so I wait for you outside, hopefully soon you’ll learn they were never your true friends


When the curtains close, the stage is empty

Living in a mansion, but inside you feel empty

He’s there with you on that king–size bed, still you lonely 

Can’t admit now but I was the one you loved, the only






Inspired by French Montana’s song, “Famous”. 

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