Two presidents


The gods must be crazy, or maybe it’s my country that’s crazy

Kenya makes me smile but sometimes, scares me in ways you can never imagine

Another president tomorrow in one republic, just days after another named his cabinet

Tomorrow should I go to class or not

Tomorrow should I go to work or not

Tomorrow should I get out of the house at all

After tomorrow will I still be alive? 

The police boss threatening, Nasa on the other side insisting

But don’t underestimate them, kept their word on resisting


Come rain, come sunshine


In the same venue, another opposing camp

Likely detractors, so they say

Or tell me, since when have you heard of mass circumcision in the Capital?!

I picture an ugly confrontation, police comes in and we know the rest

Deaths by bullets, but no bodies

Statement from the police, were nobodies

Crazy Kenya, maybe only God can heal us from all this insanity

Let’s wait and see, maybe two presidents will save us from impunity

Tribalism, racism, and corruption

An outsider will say, a typical African country

Let’s wait and see if tomorrow we will have a new president

10 thoughts on “Two presidents

  1. Honestly, I’ve been trying to figure how all this will play out. Not for them…for us! Cause let’s face’s the people who will be in the middle of it all. I’m tired of always worrying so I do hope things will work out well for us.
    Geez! Only in Kenya, huh? 🙂

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