Follow Your Heart

Is it the same as following your instincts?

Guts maybe?

Or Okonkwo’s “chi” in Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”?

Following your heart is something mankind has been told for generations

A man at crossroads, “just follow your heart”.

A teen grappling with love dilemma, “just follow your heart”.

Following your heart can lead you to a happy ending

Paradise on earth

Give you your dream job, spouse, money and power 

More opportunities 

But sometimes following your heart only leads to darkness

A dead road, evil jungle and sometimes direct into a field of landmines 

Unpredictable future 

Maybe following your heart is just another lie people tell you

When they have no answers to your woes

When your cronies and family have no solutions to your heart’s predicament

Following your heart is more of a risky path that one should first ponder over before taking

When “follow your heart” crap isn’t adding up, just follow your brain or whatever thing you got in your head

Don’t matter where the command is coming from, head or heart

Just do what you believe is right

I’m gone.

You have yourselves a great time and good luck in making whatever decision you struggling with

Especially as the valentines day approaches

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