I will read your post 


Hey son,

I know you always asking me to read your posts

To tell you how great you write, but

The day you will start writing for me

Is the day I will start reading your posts


Still waiting for that day, the one you will start writing for people like me

The voiceless and the hopeless in society

The heartbroken, the mentally ill

The materially poor, can’t afford a meal




Tell me, have you ever written for the trees?

The rivers, the soil, the rain or the crops?

Have you ever written a poem for the water lilies?

But they’re struggling too, aren’t they?


That lion or elephant in Masai Mara, ever thought about him in your moments

The crows, the hawks, the noisy hornbill, owls and other birds of the air

The cattle, rabbits, chicken and all the livestock family

Think about how life would be without them


But you’ve given a blind eye to everything that matters

Life itself, only choosing to write non issues

What Kim Kardashian was wearing today

Why Nick Minaj broke up with Meek Mill




The Al shabaab, the Boko Haram and the ISIS are bombing up our friends and family

Bad politics is hurting our economy

Hurting our country, our continent and the world at large

North Korea so proud to display its nuclear weapons, is it preparing for war?


I know I’m asking too much of you son

Just write me one of these and you’ll be the best under the sun

It’s not that I’m too demanding, just want the world better

Write anything that will make the world better and swear to read your posts

17 thoughts on “I will read your post 

  1. That was some hard truth. It’s as if there’s a tabloid-ization (yes, I made up that word) in news. Instead of being fed with important information, people get deluged with useless information. No, I don’t care about which celebrity is dating who. It’s amazing what does and doesn’t get reported. Sure, I have a media degree, so I know about the concept of gatekeepers, but more journalists need to take real responsibility with their jobs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. You must be a funny guy Emmanuel. And thank you so much for taking time to go through my stuff. I believe through blogging we can make Africa and the world at large a better place. Have a wonderful time


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