Gun violence in America (Concerned African)



I know they won’t listen to me since they never listen to the inferior, they’re the superpower

Still if I had a chance to talk to America, I’ll ask them why they letting guns wield such power

Why they’re allowing guns control their destiny and rewrite their history, their own people in the grave

Courtesy of their favorite toys; no offense just trying to say America is under siege, a gun slave


A story was told by a traveler, there gun is displayed in stores just like a hammer or pliers in downtown Nairobi

Every household owns at least two for their “own security”, every teen knows how to pull a trigger and shooting competition is a hobby

Will you believe me if I told you that at my age, not once have I touched a gun?

African kids hunt birds with catapults, the mischievous ones use them to shoot at people for fun


You ask me to show you a store selling guns in Kenya and I will swear on Madekesi’s grave, non that I know of

And not that I’m naive or anything, I’ll bet on my life that half of my friends don’t know what a gun is made of

Before the Al shabaab, gun fire was only heard once in a blue moon; cops after an armed robber

Never heard a kid just deciding to open fire at fellow students just to vent, let’s be sober




Where I grew up to defend a loved one meant fighting savagely but with your fists, even picking a stick was considered extreme

Lord Delemere’s grandson Tom Cholmondeley confused a Maasai for game and we all know the rest, America needs to wake up from that bad dream

Extreme measures need to be taken by the American government to curb the gun violence, life is  too precious

Trump and his administration should stop wasting time on immigrants and start gun reforms; gun attacks everywhere, so vicious


Helping restore peace overseas is commendable, just don’t forget home

Your family and friends deserve the best, and remember charity starts at home

For the record we have gun violence at our shores too, just that it involves cattle rustlers with hunting guns

The Pokot and Turkana young men after dowry, maintaining an outdated culture but no automatic guns



No one should lose life because someone needs to earn a living. Organizations trading in weapons should start taking responsibility and maybe Trump given some an Ultimatum by the US citizens of goodwill. If he CANT STOP gun violence because one of his friends is living of it, then the US citizens who are sick of this whole thing should stand up and demand his resignation. How will he “Make America Great Again” if everyone is dying! Or maybe he will say those dying are immigrants!

26 thoughts on “Gun violence in America (Concerned African)

  1. I waited a while to weigh in on this one. I wanted you to get to know me before I commented on guns and gun control.
    One of complications that most people who are not born here misunderstand is that in the USA the government is not supposed to be in control of the people. Instead, the people are in charge of the government. Our constitution is a contract between citizens and the government is the product of the contract and not a signatory party of the contract. Therefore, the government cannot grant or deny natural rights such as freedom of speech, the right to vote, free association and the right to keep and bear arms. (The U.S. Constitution even states that just because a right isn’t specifically listed doesn’t mean that it’s not a right. ) The 2nd amendment speaks of arms being well regulated. I have access to a very old dictionary that includes the definition of the word “regulate” as it was at the time that our constitution was written. It doesn’t mean to restrict as most believe today. It means to standardize and make regular. Our founding fathers intended for every citizen to be a soldier. One who could be called on at a moment’s notice to defend the land. One if my ancestors was a gunsmith in service to George Washington and our family history speaks of his being able to make “regulated weapons ” for the Continental Army. His skill was that he could make the weapons all of the same quality and caliber so that they could be easily supplied.

    I received my first gun at age 10. It was a small shotgun for hunting. My friends all received theirs at about the same time. We had fights but we did not kill. The guns did not corrupt us. We all knew that God would hold us responsible for our actions. But today God is not allowed in our schools and young people have nothing to throttle their passions. It is not the access to weapons that makes children shoot each other but the lack of access to a God that teaches love and forgiveness that makes them kill.

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    1. Now I finally understand. I couldn’t understand how you Americans got hold of firearms that easily but now I do!

      When I did that post I was not trying to judge you guys, I was more concerned about the young lives that were being lost.

      It’s okay if your constitution requires you guys to be protected but if the tools for your protection can’t be managed, then it’s only wise to review your constitution. The makers of your constitution didn’t know the challenges of 21 Century! They didn’t know about the millennials.

      We can blame it on not upholding religious values, not fearing God and loving our neighbours too but at the end of the day that’s the world we are living in. We can bring God back to our lives, our institutions, but we also need to check ourselves. Review our constitution and see what ain’t working!

      Otherwise, thank you very much sir for your feedback. Your presence is always welcome.


      1. I never took it as judgement. 😀 We know it’s hard for outsiders to understand.

        My explanation was very brief and doesn’t really cover the full scope of the issue.

        I hope you see me as a man of peace. I guess that the best way of explaining how those of us who believe in the right to be armed is..
        If I never have to use my weapons then I will die a happy man. But if someone I love is harmed in any way because I was unable to protect them then I will be tormented by my failure for the rest of my life.


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