Renni’s Sad Story



Barely twelve and life already turning you into a woman, feel sad for you,

No more hide and seek in the woods with your friends, now it’s killing you,

Nowadays only watch ’em through that small window, jumping up and down in the yard,

Baby brother hungry again, need to prepare some porridge and it’s driving you mad.


Every night poor Renni looks up in the sky, God why did you make mama sick,

Inside you’ll hear her mama groaning, with each passing day she’s getting weak,

Last Sunday some friends and neighbors called on her, with them carried some shopping,

Later came out saying she won’t make it; must be HIV, but the little girl’s eyes still hopping.


Another straight week missed classes, teacher’s wondering what happened to her best student,

Evening comes too tired to even read her storybook, almost ran away but thought it’s imprudent,

If only the teacher knew, her best student is the one helping mama take a shower,

Prepare family meals and bathe the baby, ensure mama takes medication on the hour.


The only relative she knew was her granny who’s no more, never seen her dad,

The imbecile ran away after her mama conceived, at least what she heard,

Everyone advised her to get rid of the baby, maybe go back to school,

Said no, with luck got a job; paid pittance, the world called her a fool.


They all judging but she did what she had to do, for herself and her baby,

Cold in the streets at night doing the second job, got the second baby,

She got something else too, maybe that was the sacrifice,

Time to pay up, the evil hand thinks death will suffice.


Life must be heartless, now see Renni’s tribulations,

Her life will never be the same again, no jubilation,

A probable foster home the only picture, the rest is blurred,

No longer prays, tired of the faceless man and sight of blood.

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