African Elephant



Maybe I should adopt one, or maybe I should become a game ranger,

Live in the African jungle, protect the African elephant from danger,

Be there on time to intercept the poacher’s lethal bullet, on it’s path eliminate the snare,

Help the beautiful white doctor in Amboseli treat the sick and wounded, take a selfie and share.


The world needs to know that elephants are beautiful, have a big heart,

Huge ears to listen and nice eyes to see, have feelings too and feel pain when hurt, 

Treat them with love and reverence, heard the story of the Jumbo?

You happen to pass a herd in Masai Mara, don’t forget to say “jambo“!


There once lived a very big terrestrial animal called elephant, kids will be told,

They’ll imagine just like I did with the story of dodo, years ago when I was told,

A beautiful bird in the terrains of Mauritius, man and his appetite  made sure they’re no more,

It’ll come to pass if we don’t stop those pushing elephants to extinction, don’t sit there and act like it’s normal.


Billiard balls, piano  keys, I.D chops for human enjoyment, is it worth an elephant’s life?

Decorative objects and statues in China and Japan, the reason a beautiful animal faced a knife,

The sun is just rising, an elephant family is already mourning beside the lifeless body of their kin,

Hyenas and vultures already feasting, obnoxiously tearing from where the bullets penetrated the skin.


I know he won’t carry me on his back like the Asian ones, still I want him to exist,

I know the ivory profits is enticing to the poachers, still I believe you can resist,

I know these detrimental sons of the soil don’t understand why I’m doing this, on this course I’ll persist,

With dexterity I’ll write the African Elephant on your hearts, will be the sermon preached by the priest.





Help me speak against the illegal killing of the African Elephant through poaching. Future generations deserve to see them too!!

Tired of lamenting, it’s time to act.

7 thoughts on “African Elephant

  1. This is a very powerful set of verses you have put together. I was proud to share it on Facebook. I, too, love elephants, and it is both heart-breaking and enraging to see a photo of someone posing beside their kill or to see one of these incredible spirits slaughtered. Thank you for writing this piece.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. Ethical hunting is a big part of my culture in Appalachia. But only the most foolish would hunt any animal into Extinction. If there was one thing that the elephant and the buffalo has taught us it’s that you don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone. I hope and pray that the elephant is saved from the fate of the buffalo. 😢 perhaps some scientists will be able to clone ivory one day and ruin the market for the poachers.

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  3. Yes, the man who spoke of the buffalo, our American bison, surely knows that only the dedication of a certain number of ranchers saved that species. They are all domesticated now, and that is a fate that the African elephant does not deserve. Much less do they deserve extinction. You can’t clone from a Chinese figurine!

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    1. Sad to hear of the fate of the bison. And much respect to those ranchers and in fact all the ranchers around the world sacrificing for these poor creatures! I believe by us speaking and informing people out there, we can save the elephant and other endangered species.
      Thank you for your feedback and have a wonderful time.

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