Safina (God’s Plan)

Time is ticking, my heart is thumping

I’m anxiously waiting for the greenlight, and you staring at me with beautiful eyes

Infectious smile lighting up the room with warmth. 

I know the customers are watching but do I look like I care

You the only one I care about.

Maybe I should just say it, I’m in love with you Safina

Let’s fight for what we believe in, you and me like Sarafina

Once upon a time in South Africa, hers was for freedom

Let ours be for love. For love babe.

Got something from Ares son of Zeus and Hera, won’t be running away from this battle I promise

Wish you were Anat, but you are Athena the beautiful one with wisdom

You come from the south, I come from the north

On Sunday I pray to my God in church, you talk to yours on Friday in a mosque

See the contrast? 

But we can still make it through religion, stubborn family members, bitter exes, nosy neighbors and backward cultures

We can still follow our own path, make our own destiny

We can still be us Safina 

God’s Plan

Start a beautiful family, saw the way you were looking at the baby clothes the other day in the market

You will be the best mother, I’m positive

Make a home anywhere; Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, India or even in Alaska

Safina is a Swahili name for “ark”. Like Noah’s Ark (Safina ya Noah).

10 thoughts on “Safina (God’s Plan)

    1. Hahaha! Sure, Alaska must be crazy man. I grew up reading about igloos, and I will be like who in the world lives there! But guess it’s just like some people out there wondering how the maasai people stay in manyattas.

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