Not Home


In the dark of the night in this middle-class neighborhood a bus pulls up for the last passenger to alight.

Looking through the back mirror the driver calls, “I think we are home brother!”

No movement.

“Everything alright back there?” the driver calls again, now turning to physically look at his passenger.

After what seemed like ages, finally came a sound. A sound similar to that of a broken man. One who’s at the wall or standing by the cliff.

“Just take me back to town.”

He then shakes himself up a little bit just enough to make himself comfortable, takes a deep breathe and goes back to staring through the bus window. One look at his face and you could see the pain and baggage he carried. The driver was concerned.

“Isn’t this the place I usually drop you off man? What’s going on, isn’t that your house over there?”


“Nah! This ain’t home brother. What’s the meaning of going home when there are no loved ones left? Why should I go home when my baby boy can’t. Why should I sleep in that house while he is sleeping over there in the cemetery!

Look at how dark and cold the house looks. No warm kitchen to run into. She couldn’t stay either. My best friend left after we lost the boy. No more warm hug and mug of porridge for me at the door after I’m done with my two shifts. Can’t you see brother, I have no home left!

Just take me back to wherever, please!”

The driver said nothing more. Of course he now knew who his passenger was. The man who had lost his fifteen-year old son in a hit and run incident two weeks ago. The killer driver left him in the ditch where he laid fighting for his dear life for twelve hours before help finally came. By then it was already late. To make it worse, it was committed by the police who were now busy trying to cover it up. With tears in his eyes started the engine. His whole being engulfed in thoughts.

“How can the world be so cruel!”

After a few blocks the driver tried again. Desperately this time.

“You know what man, I feel you. I’m sorry about your boy. He didn’t deserve that, and I pray the one responsible gets justice. I cant even start to imagine what your wife must be going through right now! But you now more than ever need to be strong for your son and your wife. All I’m tryna say man, you should go ho…

The man cuts him short. “Nah, you wrong brother! Home is where your people are!”

“Alright, I’m sorry.” Said the driver.


All of a sudden the man started talking nonstop. White foam forming at the edge of his mouth. Tried biting his cracked lips just to hold back a little but couldn’t.

“You know all I wanted is to see my son’s killer in handcuffs or being dragged in the street by an angry mob! I wanted to see him dead! But now all I wanna know if I ever meet the killer is if my son was scared. If he called out for me or his mama. You understand man?

What was his moment like!”

Outside it had started to rain. The driver was struggling with the steering wheel and all he could manage to say was, ” I hear you man. One day the man will meet his God.”

“Hmm, maybe.”

The man groans just before he falls asleep. The driver notices and pulls over to let him sleep. He was aware of how much the poor man needed it. He was ready to face his supervisor when it ever comes to that.

7 thoughts on “Not Home

  1. I have seen this pain in the eyes of my best friend. I saw the accident. His father was drunk and crashed with the mother of a classmate. A few years later his sister crashes and was killed along with her child. My friend had a daughter who was also in that crash. The daughter of my friend lived but required much surgery. The accident left her in a lot of pain. The doctors gave her pills for the pain. One night the pain was so bad that she took too many pills and died on her sleep. There us much heartache in the world.
    Jesus Christ himself will whipe away our tears one day. Our times of sorrow is very short when compared to the joy that awaits on the other side of eternity. ❤

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    1. Thank you sir for sharing with us your friend’s saddening story. True, the world has lots of problems and there are people out there going through stuff you can’t even imagine. But just like Job in the bible, God will will wipe their tears in an abundant way. Appreciate you stopping by and leaving an encouraging feedback. Thank you and have a wonderful time with your family.

      Liked by 2 people

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